fileshare access by machines on LAN but not joined to domain

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by G, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. G

    G Guest

    I just installed an SBS 2003 setup to a pre-existing network of ~5 XP SP2
    clients. The SBS box is to be a fileserver to machines on the LAN (which are
    not joined to the domain yet) - as well as a VPN server for remote access to

    In addition to the admin account on the server, I created two user accounts
    based upon the mobile template and they should also be used to access the
    file share (net use \\server\share /user:DOMAN\user *).

    My initial attempt at creating and sharing files to mobile user accounts was
    not successful. I copied the files into a directory while logged in as
    Admin, and created the share using the Server Management "Manage Shared
    Folders" wiz - and for permissions selected "Admins and folder operators have
    full access, other users have read and write permissions".

    When I try to access the share from a different machine on the LAN from a
    mobile user template account - i can access the share, however it appears
    empty. when I try to access it as an admin - everything works.

    what permissions do i need to set such that a user can:
    + access the server via VPN
    + connect to a fileshare and create subdirectories, read/write and execute
    + and is NOT an administrator?

    thanks, G
    G, Nov 23, 2004
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  2. Hi G,

    Join the workstations to the sbs domain first. You did run CEICW on the SBS
    from ServerManagement, To Do list, right?
    Marina Roos [SBS-MVP], Nov 28, 2004
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