"Find Album Info" and Multi-disc albums

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Paul E. Stansberry, III, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. OK - Aside from the changes made to the FAI screen (Discussed already in
    other threads), I've noticed a new side-effect that I want to discuss.
    Mainly because I'm not sure I like it, and wanted to see a) what others
    think, and b) that it isn't a bug.

    I first discovered the new FAI screen working with a multi-disc album (The
    Who's "The Ultimate Collection"). As I went through the FAI screen, I
    noticed that even though I had properly and correctly selected disc 1 for the
    correct tracks, and disc 2 for the correct tracks, when I completed the
    wizard ALL the tracks from both discs are not bunched together in one "album"
    entry in WMP, with multiple tracks 1, 2, etc...

    There seems to be no way to view the seperate discs as seperate albums in
    WMP anymore once you run FAI on them.

    Plainly said... THAT SUCKS!

    I wanted to confirm if this was really the case, so I tried it on another
    multi-disc album (Jimmy Buffet's "Meet Me in Margaritaville"). WMP did the
    same thing. Now, I have a single album entry for the album, with two track
    1's, two track 2's, etc...


    Please tell me this is a bug, or at least is configurable somehow so I can
    see the individual discs of my multi-disc albums seperately. I can't find a
    setting for it.


    Paul E. Stansberry, III
    Edmond, OK
    Paul E. Stansberry, III, Oct 27, 2007
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  2. Paul E. Stansberry, III

    dba Guest

    I hope this answers your question, I think it will. Previously, FAI would
    automatically bring up disc 1 or disc 2 etc. If you look closely, you now see
    that is replaced in the search menu and pop uo with Vol 1 Vol 2 Etc. What you
    need to do to get the words "Disc 1" or Disc 2" to show up in your library is

    Select the album you want in teh search menu and make sure you select the
    "Vol" # that corresponds to the "Disc" # you need. This enures the proper
    track listing. Hit next and you come to teh screen with the track listing. I
    am assuming you already clicked EDIT next to the album cover depiction
    (becuase you mentioned selecting the correct disc #). If not, do that. Then
    go into the title field and cursor all the way over to teh write and manually
    type in Disc 1 or Disc 2 etc. Hit OK, then that takes you back to the track
    listing page, then click finish.

    Yeah this pretty much sucks but looks like we are stuck with it for the time
    being. The real bummer is if you forget to do this one time and just click
    finish, WMP library will go back and erase the disc # from teh album title of
    all other tracks from the same album so you'd be back to square one.

    Good luck!
    dba, Nov 1, 2007
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  3. Yeah - You're right... that pretty much DOES suck. That's not an "official"
    position from Microsoft on this, is it? Surely they don't really expect a
    typical user to manually edit each album?

    Paul E. Stansberry, III, Nov 1, 2007
  4. dba -

    I just went through your steps and tried to accomplish this. However, I've
    run into a couple of problems:

    1. If I multi-select tracks from both discs (I don't remember which tracks
    go on which disc) and then follow your directions, it would appear that it is
    going to update ALL tracts to say " - Disc 1". It doesn't get to the step
    where you assign tracks to the album you selected.

    2. There is a checkbox in the edit screen labeled "This is a multi-disc
    album". Should I check that box?

    What a PITA. I think other than this I am generally coming to LIKE the new
    FAI screen, but this one glitch will ruin my library in relation to my MANY
    multi-disc albums.

    Paul E. Stansberry, III, Nov 1, 2007
  5. Paul E. Stansberry, III

    dba Guest

    Hi paul,
    In relation to your questions....

    1. I am not really sure because I name my tracks 1 at a time, but based on
    your description I would say yes, you should only select the tracks
    disc-by-disc otherwise this POS sytem will not differentiate.

    2. Again I would have to say yes based on the fact I always check the box
    but to be honest, I don't know what would happen if you do not!.

    Good luck!
    dba, Nov 2, 2007
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