"Find album info"/manual album info not working

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by darkspark88, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. darkspark88

    darkspark88 Guest

    Having a big problem with Windows media player I have tried everything to fix

    Basically when I insert a disc into my computer, windows media player finds
    the correct album info and changes the album info accordingly and
    automatically. However when it is wrong I try to "find album info" manually
    by pressing the button.


    But as you can see instead of it showing the tracks included, that area is
    just a white blank space. If I click "edit" button and alter something in the
    listing then click "next", the track listings appear.

    Additionally if I try to manually search for a track,


    It just stays on the "please wait" screen, and the globe in the left of the
    screen stops moving.


    Sorry for such as long post, but I tried to make it as detailed as I can.
    I have tried reinstalling media player. Funnily enough rolling back to WMP9
    fixed both problems, but I do not want to use that. These problems have only
    recently turned up.

    Hope somebody can help.
    Thanks in advance.
    darkspark88, Mar 5, 2006
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