Find WordPerfect Files (WPD's) by CONTENT on Vista [Index Search WP WPD WPDs .wpd]

Discussion in 'Windows Vista File Management' started by Brian Bradley, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Finding WordPerfect files by CONTENT with Vista Search

    I have learned just a little more about finding WordPerfect files by content
    using Vista's built-in search function.


    Does the information below spark a light in anyone out there for a complete

    History As I Know It:

    Groups and boards receive multiple reports that Vista's built-in search
    function does not index and/or find WordPerfect files that have the default
    ..wpd extension ("WPDs") based on content. I have commented here and
    elsewhere that Vista finds WP TEMPLATES ending with the .wpt extension ("WPT's")
    based on content, even if WP is not installed.

    Multiple users report no joy when implementing various fixes, including the
    most-often offered advice of downloading and installing Corel's outdated (WP
    7/8) iFilter and companion registry key. Others report resorting to Corel's
    built-in "QuickFinder" applet but that it's not perfect on Vista.

    I have repeatedly inquired of Corel but have never received anything other
    than a scripted acknowledgment of my inquiry into the problem.

    Users report having various SKU's of the Corel WP product, including old,
    new, OEM, and full versions. I have posted multiple pleas in various groups
    for someone to report whether they have in fact had any success. In their
    brief comments or suggestions, posters seem to imply that their advice
    (again, mostly to install an iFilter) works but don't clearly state that
    that solution *actually* works for them. The silence is deafening.

    I am no expert and cannot offer a complete solution at this point, but I
    have discovered something that I hope will spark others to explore further,
    as I will.

    But here's my current situation that offers some glimmer of hope:

    I did a fresh install of Vista (Business x86) and then installed Office
    System 2007. I didn't want to gum up the works with WP - yet. (Keep that in
    mind: I don't have WP installed.)

    Then, using Vista's simple procedure for adding a file type (".wpd") to the
    Indexing Options and by setting the indexing type to "Index Properties and
    File Contents," the automatically chosen plain-text filter enabled my Vista
    to index, search and find WP documents whose filenames end in ".wpd,"after a
    forced rebuilding or automatic refreshing of the Index, of course.


    I will eventually need to create a native WordPerfect document and will
    therefore have to install some version of WP. What will happen then? I
    suspect that once I install WP, I will be back in the same boat as all of
    us, with no capability to find WPD's based on content. I am beginning to
    suspect that WP itself somehow breaks Vista's ability to index and find WPD's
    by content. (There, I said it.)

    I own multiple versions of WP, including an OEM version of WP X3 that does
    not include Corel's QuickFinder and a full retail version of WP X3 that does
    include this Corel feature. I wonder how either of those two versions will
    affect my current status. (Versions of WP prior to X3 ran too poorly on
    Vista to be usable by me. Your mileage with various versions may have been
    different and hopefully better.)

    The thing is that I need to be able to FIND my "archived" WPD's much more
    than I need to create new ones, so I hesitate to install any version of WP.
    I think I will experiment with saving Word documents as WP documents and see
    if that yields acceptable results. Despite the invariable hype about ease
    and accuracy of file-type conversions, we know all too well that complex
    and/or highly formatted documents are rarely easily or perfectly converted
    to other file types. (What a wonderful world that would be, though, eh? Keep
    trying, vendors!)

    I apologize for this long post, but I think it's sometimes necessary to
    include a few more words than just "do this" or "do that." If you're
    interested in reading a little more but which doesn't really add to my
    admittedly scant but possibly enlightening report above, continue reading my
    editorial comments below.

    Editorial (?):

    There are many users of WP who have remained fiercely loyal over the years,
    including me. Someone is always posting somewhere that WP 5.1 was the best
    word processor in the world. I've even seen that phrase used as an e-mail
    signature! It sure was darn good, I'll agree. (Yes, yes, I could go back to
    DOS or Windows 98, but would YOU?) But Word has been an excellent product,
    too, after it became WYSIWYG.

    I've always wondered what the true state of the situation was: Has Microsoft
    (intentionally or not) somehow made it very difficult or impossible for
    WordPerfect products to work well on MS OS's, or has Corel, through all its
    changes in leadership and ownership simply not been able to rise to the
    challenge? Another burning question of mine has been, "Which is best - to
    install WP first, or Word first?" in case one or the other plays havoc with
    the other. (Tell me you haven't thought that.) But I could never see a

    As an independent transcriptionist and part-time court reporter, I've always
    had to use both Word and WordPerfect. For years I chose WP over Word when my
    clients did not have a preference. After having struggled with the
    ill-behaved later versions of WP, especially on Vista, I began using MS
    Office System 2007 instead of Word XP (2002) or Word 2003. The Ribbon
    required some relearning of where things are, as we've all found out, but I
    could immediately see that the Ribbon was logical and well thought out. The
    capability, performance and - most important - stability of Office 2007
    running on Vista surprises, encourages and reminds me of the way
    applications used to just keep going and going and going. I can't think of a
    single time any of my Office 2007 apps (well, Word and Access, mostly) has
    crashed on Vista, and the casual comments posted on boards and in groups and
    formal reviews in that regard seem to corroborate that finding of general
    stability. I know how to troubleshoot apps, especially those that I'm very
    familiar with, and I just couldn't stand any longer the constant and
    unsolvable crashes of WP X3 on Vista.

    But I digest. The purpose of this post is to let you know that there might
    be some light at the end of the tunnel for those of us who need to find WPDs
    by content on Vista. I'll report back anything else I find, of course, but
    it will be a while. I'm going to sit tight for a while on the partial
    success that I have. As always, if anyone out there has had complete
    success, for gosh sake please clearly state so and tell us how you managed
    to do it.

    Brian Bradley, Jan 1, 2008
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  2. Brian Bradley

    R. C. White Guest

    Hi, Brian.

    Thanks for that post. I have a similar problem with .pub files produced by
    Microsoft's own Publisher application, another part of Microsoft Office.
    I loved WP in its early days, when it was still owned by the WordPerfect
    Corporation (and its predecessor, SSI). It had the greatest online support;
    WP Corp. VP Pete Peterson spent a lot of time online with us in their
    support forums. But Word kept getting better and WP did not keep up and it
    became too much hassle to remember how to use both, so I dropped WP after
    6.0 in about 1994, and I have no idea about X3 or whatever the current
    version might be.

    I haven't really tried to search those old .wpd files with Vista's search.
    I would have to customize Indexing Options because I used non-standard
    extensions, such as .wp5 for files I produced with WP 5.x, so Vista might
    not recognize that those are WP files. (I also used .w4w rather than .doc
    for Word For Windows files, then .w5w, .w6w, etc.; I've taught Vista Search
    that those can be read with the .doc filters and it seems to work.)

    For 3 years, I was the editor of our Rotary newsletter, and I used Publisher
    to produce The Spokesman weekly, so I have about 150 .pub files of those.
    Vista Search can't find anything in any of them, even though I've told it to
    Index the .pub files and have set the indexing type to "Index Properties and
    File Contents,"

    You'd think that Vista could search its own Publisher file contents, even if
    it ignores WordPerfect, wouldn’t you? :>(

    Please let us know if you find the magic bullet that opens the .wpd files.
    Maybe we can use that to find the secret for .pub files, too.

    R. C. White, CPA
    San Marcos, TX

    Microsoft Windows MVP
    (Running Windows Live Mail 2008 in Vista Ultimate x64)
    R. C. White, Jan 2, 2008
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  3. Brian Bradley

    Daphne, Guest

    Daphne,, May 6, 2008
  4. Brian Bradley

    JK27 Guest

    I was experiencing this exact same issue of Vista Index not indexing m
    WordPerfect files

    I just found two new ifilters that are posted on which,
    believe, solves the problem. There are 32 bit and 64 bit versions poste
    here: 'Patches and Updates - Patches and Updates

    I installed the 64 bit version of the ifilter posted above (I have 6
    bit Vista), I rebuilt the Vista Index and -- voila -- my WordPerfec
    files appear in the index. So far, everything appears to be working a
    desired. I will have to work with this a bit longer to verify, but ..
    so far, so good! :
    JK27, Jul 29, 2008
  5. [SNIP]

    You're getting better. This thread died this year, almost THREE
    MONTHS ago.
    Paul Montgomery, Jul 29, 2008
  6. Brian Bradley

    Gordon Guest

    The OP is using VistaHeads which is a web-based forum that leaches off these
    newsgroups. He probably has no awareness that VistaHeads DOES leach off
    these newsgroups....
    Gordon, Jul 29, 2008
  7. Believe me Gordon, I know (I ain't a newb here, I'm the former

    I even have several of those damned vBulletin forums bookmarked so I
    can see what folks like the OP are replying to before I go off on
    them. I need to come up with a canned reply that includes
    instructions on how to setup Windows Mail as a newsreader, but I'm too
    lazy to set it up myself. I've used Agent since its beta.9 days.
    Paul Montgomery, Jul 29, 2008
  8. Brian Bradley

    Gordon Guest

    Send you my "canned" responses to Vistaheads and to set up WM as a news
    Gordon, Jul 29, 2008
  9. Brian Bradley

    JK27 Guest

    off of the newsgroups. I googled the problem, I eventually solved th
    problem (with a new version of ifilter) and posted the solution o
    VistaHeads. The fact that the thread died 3 months ago is irrelevant a
    I'm guessing quite a few WordPerfect fans are still having problems wit
    this Vista indexer. Hopefully this information will help somebody
    (regardless of where it is posted) :eek
    JK27, Jul 29, 2008
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