firewall and ics problems

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by krobi, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. krobi

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    i had a windows xp network with ics and now i have switched to vista.

    my network:
    one network adapter is connected to the isp's modem
    and one network adapter is connected to the internal network fo
    sharing the internet connection and the resources of the pc to th
    other pcs.

    with xp i had no problems with this configuration but in vista i hav
    many problems.

    first of all the windows firewall dont recognize that the internat
    network card (where ics is on) is connected to a network and so th
    firewall always thinks its an unknown network.

    i havent found a way to tell the firewall that this is my privat
    network because i use ics - why doesnt the firewall know that when ic
    is enabled?

    the second problem is, i want to use two firewall profiles - one fo
    the internet connection and one for the private network.

    so file sharing and so on should only be possible on the interna
    network card not for the external, but as i read on on the microsof
    homepage vistas firewall can only handle one profile at one time.

    BUT WHY???? how should somebody make ics with file sharing and a secur
    network when the firewall can only handle one profile at one time?????

    hopefully someone can help me with this extremly strange problem
    krobi, Mar 24, 2007
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