Firewall blocks ALL outgoing traffic though rules for passing exis

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by Curt, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Curt

    Curt Guest

    I've asked this question some months ago. I still haven't found a solution.

    What should be done?
    In Microsoft's firewall all software can pass their traffic out to the
    internet. This is very dangerous (e.g. keyloggers). Only software that was
    allowed to should be able for outgoing traffic!

    What have I done?
    In extended configuration I blocked outgoing traffing for all profiles. I
    set rules for browser software (internet explorer, mozilla), so that these
    sofwware are allowed for outgoing traffic.

    What is the problem?
    The firewall blocks all traffic though. That's nice. But it also blocks the
    browser though they are allowed to pass out the firewall.

    What else can you tell us?
    I use Vista Ultimate 64-bit. I use Avast!AntiVirus. Nothing else is
    installed that could cause the problem.

    Pictures from firewall setting (sorry, german text in it):
    Pic2_Outgoing Rules:

    A friend of mine does it the same way as I. He has no problems with this
    setting. I don't like to reinstall everything. Perhaps the problem exists
    after all the work.

    What's the settings now?
    I had to set outgoing traffic back to allowed by default. I use rules that
    deny outgoing traffic for some software. But this isn't a good solution. If I
    have installed a software it can pass the firewall by default till I deny it.

    Please give me a hint!

    Curt, Apr 21, 2007
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  2. Curt

    Jesper Guest

    If you have keystroke loggers on your system you need one of these:

    To prevent it from happening again, you need one of these:

    No host-based firewall will stop a keystroke logger from communicating out.
    Period. If it is running as you the keystroke logger will simply piggy-back
    on an app you have allowed. If the keystroke logger is running as a service
    it would have turned off the firewall when it installed.
    Jesper, Apr 21, 2007
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