!! FIX !! 0x8024400D 8024400D Microsoft Update Errors

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by PUC_Snakeman, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. PUC_Snakeman

    PUC_Snakeman Guest

    Got this error message (and several other Windows Update and Microsoft Update
    error messages) on multiple computers after manually updating them via
    Microsoft Update. I updated them via Microsoft Update, restarted, visited
    Microsoft Update (to verify 0 updates left), and encountered this error.

    The FIX, which may also work for many other Windows/Microsoft Update related
    bugs, is to...
    1) Close all IE Windows
    2) Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Delete Temporary Internet Files
    3) Control Panel -> Admin Tools -> Services -> Stop the "Automatic Updates"
    4) Delete everything in "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore"
    5) Delete everything in "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download"
    6) Control Panel -> Admin Tools -> Services -> START the "Automatic Updates"

    Then visit the Microsoft Update page again, and everything should be fine.
    These steps have cured all my auto-update woes before, so I help someone
    finds them useful.
    PUC_Snakeman, Jul 13, 2005
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  2. Ignore means that you forced something not to be written.
    In this case it would have been some backup information
    in order to support an uninstall procedure.

    Both are symptoms of permissions problems with your file system.
    E.g. a directory which needs to be written in which you do not have authority
    to do so using your account. Try using the real Administrator account
    to do the update.

    Otherwise, you need to get more information about which files and directories
    are showing the symptoms and change the permissions to prevent those symptoms,
    e.g. using right-click Properties, Security or cacls in a cmd window.

    You could also use ProcMon to supplement any diagnostics you are already
    getting about these symptoms if necessary.

    BTW if you are just focusing on the symptom--specific permissions problems--
    be prepared to deal with more of them (e.g. for other files and directories)
    as you go further through the update when you retry it.

    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle
    Robert Aldwinckle, Sep 19, 2008
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  3. PA Bear [MS MVP], Sep 29, 2008
  4. Wow, thanks. More useful than the Microsoft error help page.
    robertspendlove, Apr 28, 2014
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