*****FIX**** Resetting Display pic/background pic

Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by NeoRamasay, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. NeoRamasay

    NeoRamasay Guest

    Ok, in looking around i see a small amount of people who
    seem to be complaining of MSN 6 not saving their display
    pic/background pic....

    in researching, i looked on the forums for Messenger
    Plus! 2 for anything on the issue and found several users
    there complaining of the same thing....

    the resolution found on their forum was to sign out, then
    exit, rather than just exiting as MsgPlus will cause a
    forced exit (basically a process kill) of MSN, thus not
    allowing it to save the settings, but if you log out of
    the service first, then it saves. this was proven to work
    for the Display picture, but not garunteed to work on the
    background picture...

    for the background picture to stick, they reccommended
    exiting MSN 6 (doesnt matter how), then ctrl-alt-del and
    click on the process tab and "end process" msgplus.exe,
    then reopen MSN 6 (all the plus features will be gone
    temporarily) and set your background (this will also work
    for the display picture, if above method doesnt work) the
    way you want it (including redefining the default), exit
    MSN 6 again, to save the settings normally (msgplus isnt
    running to force close MSN) then restart msgplus by going
    to your /Messenger Plus! 2/ directory and double clicking
    MsgPlus.exe then restart MSN messenger 6 and enjoy your
    newly defined background and display pic!

    (i was experiencing this same issue on my computer, and
    following these steps, i have gotten my display picture
    and background picture to save properly)

    (also posted to microsoft.public.windowsxp.messenger

    NeoRamasay, Aug 10, 2003
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