Flash 9 causing IE7 to freeze when closing the (pop-up) Flash wind

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by rob1239, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. rob1239

    rob1239 Guest

    I haven't experienced the other problems in this post, but I stumbled on a
    new one today. I viewed the Flash movie showing off Xbox Live for the
    original Xbox. The link is here:


    On that page, select 'High' underneath the picture of the Xbox console.
    Another browser window pops up, as does an additional pop-up window for the
    Flash movie itself. The movie plays. It's a cool movie. Anyway, when
    closing the Flash window, IE 7 locks up hard and requires termination. It
    generates and sends an error report to MS.

    This behavior occurs using Flash 9.0.18 and also the latest, 9.0.28. I
    ruled out the "uninstall" process mentioned earlier, and ruled out add-ons.
    The same Flash versions do not cause this problem on an older PC running IE 6.

    Here's the interesting part, a workaround: the problem will NOT happen if I
    set the Flash window's focus to the address bar before closing it. (IE 7 will
    not allow pop-ups to hide the address bar per the Internet zone's default
    security settings)

    In plainer English, before closing the Flash pop-up window, click on the
    address bar in that window. Then everything works just fine.

    I don't know antoher site that uses a pop-up for a Flash movie, so I
    couldn't test it in the same scenario. But, has anyone else seen this
    happen? If anyone tries the test I mentioned above, did you get the same

    rob w. from minnesota
    rob1239, Dec 15, 2006
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