Flash & shockwave installation on 64 bit Solved !

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by phypps, May 30, 2007.

  1. phypps

    phypps Guest

    After much trial and error, and nunerous system restores I have finally
    cracked it. (I think!!)
    They only work with IE32 not IE64

    First, uninstall all old versions (using Adobe web uninstaller for

    Go to the Adobe web player test page.
    Shockwave will offer to install first. Activate activeX control and wait a
    short while
    for the installer to kick in.
    Go through the motions of installation.
    You will get a message saying that there is a problem with the side by side
    and that it can't find a dll.
    (If you get asked if the program installed correctly say yes)
    Close browser and go to Windows\sysWOW64
    copy folder Macromed into system32 folder (COPY don't cut)
    Go back to web player test page and install Shockwave again
    This time it will work.

    Similar procedure for Flash 9
    copy macromed into system32

    You will get LOTS of dialogue boxes saying that Flash and Shockwave want to
    open outside
    of protected mode. For installation purposes I decide to let them do this
    in case it affected
    installation. And I do mean lots.

    However, once happy the installations are OK they can be dismissed by
    disallowing and don't
    then keep popping up.
    At the moment I consider it better to have the minor nuisance of a flash
    enabled web page ask me
    rather than Allow and tick the don't ask me again checkbox.

    A couple of questions for those who might have more experience of these sort
    of things.

    What exactly do these players want to do outside protected mode?
    If the "don't ask me again" box is ticked, how do you get it back to undo
    I appreciate that protected mode is another security layer that is
    desirable, but is there
    any significant risk in allowing these players to operate outside?

    phypps, May 30, 2007
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