Follow-up to Can't install Vista x64 to SATA Drives (for Rock....;-)

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by BobS, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. BobS

    BobS Guest

    Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard (with nForce chipset that includes the
    SATA controller *and* also has a Silicone Image SATA controller - used for
    the external SATA connector on this mb)
    AMD x2 CPU 3800+
    2x - GeForce 6800 graphic cards - non-SLI mode
    2x - WDC 740GD Raptor 10Krpm drives (one has WinXP Pro installed, one has
    Vista 32 bit ver - now)
    2x - WDC 250/320 GB SATA drives (used for storage)
    2x - EIDE drives on IDE-0 (one has Vista x64 bit ver installed, other drive
    is storage)
    2x - DVD's on IDE-1

    Have gone thru many iterations of various configurations - from having this
    box tore down to its shorts and everything not needed turned off in the BIOS
    and/or removed from the chassis to trying everything I could dream of in a
    fully loaded box but I could not get (and still can't) Vista x64 to install
    on an internal SATA drive.

    I'll distinguish the SATA drives as internal (4x) or external (1x) because
    this is important. The internal SATA controller is part of the nForce4
    chipset and the external SATA drive is controlled by a Sil 3132 SATA

    Problem - Can not install Vista x64 to an internal SATA drive

    I can install the x64 version on an IDE drive and can install the 32 bit
    version on a SATA drive.

    We want Vista 64 bit version installed on the fast WDC Raptor SATA drive. I
    have one Raptor drive with WinXP Pro on it and it runs like a scared cat....
    We use AutoCad, Microstation, PhotoShop CS which all can benefit from 4Gb of
    memory and a 64 bit OS.

    Initially (and wrongly) was suspecting the Sil3132 SATA controller as being
    the culprit. It's not and after lots of testing, it looks like the Nvidia
    nForce4 SATA controller may be the problem. The Nvidia site does not have a
    download for this chipset yet to support Vista x64. Obviously, the nForce
    SATA controller works fine (so far) with the 32 bit version.

    So I have a "triple-boot" configuration to play with for awhile with WinXP
    and Vista 32 bit on two separate Raptors and Vista x64 on a fast Seagate IDE
    drive so I can test the programs, etc.

    So anyone else trying to load 64 bit onto a SATA drive with the nForce
    chipset - you can't do it just yet. There's lots of complaining about
    Nvidia not having their drivers ready for Vista. I won't grouse about
    that - stuff happens.

    One thing I did not try is loading Vista x64 to the external SATA drive. I
    believe the BIOS supports that but at this point in time, I'm a bit burnt

    Thanks to all who offered suggestions, did some site searching for me and
    provided some support during the wee hours of the past two nights. It works
    but not as I had hoped but I'm sure Nvidia will have a fix soon.

    Any questions - call 1-800-GOD-HELP (and that used to get you Nortel's
    support line....)


    Bob S.
    BobS, Feb 5, 2007
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