for those camping out of the stores waiting in line for vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by jim, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. jim

    jim Guest

    there is nothing more pathetic......

    the smart people are waiting for SP1

    yes, that makes all you guys who are already running it as a main OS, dorks
    of the highest magnitude...

    Ive gone all the way from longhorn to RTM in a test environment.. installing
    more than 10 times
    various versions.. hoping to see something good.... vista has been a

    I tried to use it in a production enviorment.. and I had so many troubles I
    freaked out.. and went back to XP.

    and what's more disappointing is seeing so many people who are in this
    newsgroup who are so
    computer illiterate that they actually like it! Sad... very sad and
    pathetic.... mindless.... gesh....

    well im remaining with XP for the time being.. vista is very badly designed,
    slow, a resource hog, and needs too many fixes.

    Vista? NO THANK YOU!
    jim, Jan 29, 2007
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  2. jim

    Troy McClure Guest

    weird, using in production at home AND at work on AD domain... ZERO issues,
    and MUCH better performance.
    i call it karma... your miserable attitude brings you miserable things in
    life. LOL

    sucks to be you
    Troy McClure, Jan 29, 2007
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  3. jim

    Beck Guest

    Ok bye
    Beck, Jan 29, 2007
  4. jim

    jim Guest

    Troy... what is your PC's specs?...

    what applications do you use on a daily basis?...

    would you say you are a novice, medium, expert, or super duper geeky power
    user ?

    jim, Jan 29, 2007
  5. jim

    Chad Harris Guest


    I'm in a big city with a lot of stores that sell Vista. Ain't no body
    camping out no place no how.

    I think you have Vista confused with Windows 95. And besides the major
    factor that Allchin, Balmer, and Gates put computers on desktops and did
    change the world with that version of Windows, that was the only version of
    Windows where people lined up in front of stores to buy it.

    Thanks for giving me one more big laugh today.

    Camping/Vista too funny. Are their open bars at the Best Buy parties?

    The real compelling question people contemplating Vista should be asking:

    Why am I not smart enough either to insist on a full Vista DVD for plucking
    down my $1000-4000 so that I can have access to the full panoply of major
    repair modalities available in Vista?

    Why am I crazy enough to walk out with an upgrade of Vista when I need to
    have a full Vista?

    Why am I not assertive enough to make the seller supply me with a full Vista
    DVD and how sorry will I be later when I can't repair it?

    What imaging software am I getting to back myself up or do I have a full
    backup with my edition of Vista to protect my data and my settings?

    Chad Harris, Jan 29, 2007
  6. jim

    jim Guest

    Ok ok... I take back my harsh words... vista is OK if you have the

    1) very fast computer (in my opinion you need a dual core and 2+ gigs)
    2) time to find out all the latest applications that are updated for vista
    jim, Jan 29, 2007
  7. jim

    Beck Guest

    Hi Jim,

    You don't need dual core and 2 gigs ram. Mine runs happily on single
    processor with 1gb ram.
    As for applications, that is a hit and miss and I have only found two
    programs that will not work that I wanted to work.
    Beck, Jan 29, 2007
  8. jim

    Henry Jones Guest

    If we are "dorks of the highest magnitude" for using Vista, then send me
    your address and I'll send you my ex-wife!
    You need to stay away from the computer and get back to your heavy drinking,
    AA meetings, Sex-without-partners group therapy, and keep using your TRS-80
    for all your important work, like communicating with your parole officer,
    trying to figure out how your segment was featured on COPS without your
    authorization, etc....

    Have a nice day.
    Henry Jones, Jan 29, 2007
  9. jim

    Chad Harris Guest

    Having used a lot of the new dual cores with Vista and having used Vista one
    of my PCs that is 2001 with 2GHz P4 and 1GB RAM, I find what you have said
    here just not in the least valid. I don't find a WOW difference either in
    the speed of anything I'm running and I have a lot going on at once on any
    box. I'm sure I could in some selected games and graphics apps.

    If you know some basic computer hygeine, you can have Vista smoking on old
    hardware. I would urge people to have 1GB of decent RAM, preferably that
    with a life time gaurantee.

    I upgraded the video card on that PC to a 512 MB and put in a 400 Watt PSU
    to run the video card. Sure I could have spent more on even higher end
    video cards as they roll out, but I don't see the need to.

    When I do, that will be on a new PC, but not for the purpose of running
    Vista fast and well.

    Chad Harris, Jan 29, 2007
  10. jim

    Chad Harris Guest

    LOL. How "smart" are these people. I do agree with you that there is no
    compelling reason to jump into Vista today, and I know friends of mine would
    disagree. But all of us are Windows enthusiasts whatever else we do, and I
    understand that.

    I have beta tested a lot of the previous service packs. I spent a lot of
    time doing it,and on those groups. I have yet to see an SP from Microsoft
    that signigicantly improved functionality. I do remember SP2. I've read Jim
    Allchin's blogging on it and I've seen the MSKB that outlined 350+ security
    patches or hot fixes rolled up into it.

    I'd just love to see a list of major features that were embedded into
    Windows XP SP2 from all those "smart people." They are going to have to
    evolve into fiction writers.

    There are an awful lot of bugs to be fixed in Vista SP1 and most of them
    will not be fixed. There are feature mods needed and those will not happen.
    The tin ear has been made into bronze as far as these go on the Redmond
    campus. They do not listen. They will not listen.

    Look at the mess they made of the Upgrade Scenario. You do not have access
    to the major panoply of fix Vista tools if you do not have a full edition of
    Windows Vista. I've outlined this in detail today.

    Chad Harris, Jan 29, 2007
  11. jim

    Joe Guest

    I hate to break it to you hardcore vista fiends, but jim was dead on when he
    said you need a dual core with at least two gigs, if you dont believe us go
    to the winsupersite and see what paul thurrow has to say...

    unless you are just going to be running msn messenger, internet explorer &
    chess titans you will need more than the recommended gig of memory and 1 ghz
    processer microsoft says you need for vista premium ready pcs.
    Joe, Jan 29, 2007
  12. I disagree with the "no compelling reason" ... I'm getting a free license to
    the new Office this Thursday afternoon and it only runs on Vista. I have to
    go out and get Vista before then.

    Mario Rosario \(info\), Jan 29, 2007
  13. jim

    Rock Guest

    This system running Vista Ultimate RTM in a dual boot with XP Pro is almost
    5 years old, 2.53GHz P4 with 1GB PC800 RAM. It runs Vista just fine, and I
    do alot more than the three programs you listed above. It does not need duo
    core or 2 GB of RAM.
    Rock, Jan 29, 2007
  14. jim

    Tim Feld Guest

    Hi Mario,

    You can run Office 2007 on Windows XP with SP2 (or later) don't have
    to have Vista. I've done it myself and it works fine.

    Tim Feld, Jan 29, 2007
  15. Yeah but what fun will it be without Vista, I will go out and get it
    Mario Rosario \(info\), Jan 30, 2007
  16. jim

    Mike Guest

    Indeed. This guy posting "you need dual core and 2 GB RAM" is nothing but
    FUD. I've got a 3 ghz P4 and 2 GB RAM and Vista flies on this box. It's
    faster than XP. I just recently added the 2nd gig of RAM so I can run
    Server 2003/SQL Server 2005 in VPC for development purposes - no re-booting

    At work I have a Vista Business test machine on the minimum P3 1 GHZ and 512
    megs and it runs fine there. Not trying to test the "minimum specs" - that
    just happened to be the spare machine I had handy. No Aero as the video
    won't do it (Radeon 7500), but it's fine for testing our stuff on it.

    IMO, RAM is more important than CPU. 512 megs is the bare minimum, and 1
    GB is the sweet spot. Not because Vista needs it (it doesn't) but for the
    pre-loading stuff. Of course, a good video card helps too. I have a
    Radeon X800 XT with 256 megs - hardly state of the art.

    Mike, Jan 30, 2007
  17. If there are people waiting in line to buy Vista then all of your other
    naysaying posts are wrong too.
    Colin Barnhorst, Jan 30, 2007
  18. Most of my issues with Vista are not directly related to the OS itself
    (i.e. cost, very fucked up activation, and a potential DRM disaster as
    HD become more prevalent).

    I have been running Vista since Nov and it is more solid than XP pro.
    thetruthhurts , Jan 30, 2007
  19. jim

    Joe Guest

    Which manufacturer are offering the full Vista DVD with their new systems? I
    read these newsgroups for good tips, and I think this is a good one, to seek
    the full OS. I usually go with Dell, I hope they'll offer it- even if at a
    premium price.

    Joe, Jan 30, 2007
  20. jim

    asswideshut Guest

    Is there anything you think you are NOT an authority on asshole?
    asswideshut, Feb 1, 2007
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