forgot my admin. account password

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by dotfromks, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. dotfromks

    dotfromks Guest

    I have forgotten my admin account password. I have one guest user on
    my computer. I want to install additional software, but my machine does
    not allow me to do any changes without the admin password. I did not do
    a reset disk. did not even realize that i should be. After I get help
    with resetting this, will I lose any data that I have already put in? I
    have just eailed all documents out so these will not be lost.
    dotfromks, Jun 3, 2008
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  2. dotfromks

    Brink Guest

    Hi Dotfromks

    You can use Method Three in this tutorial to reset your passwor
    without losing anything other than the password.

    Hope this helps you


    *There are no dumb questions, just the people that do not as
    '*VISTA FORUMS*' (
    *Please post feedback to help others.*
    Brink, Jun 3, 2008
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