Forgot password for vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by Stephaniek, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. Stephaniek

    Stephaniek Guest

    i forgot my password and have tried everything.
    i dont know what else to do to login.
    Stephaniek, Mar 8, 2009
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  2. Take a look at this website:


    John Barnett MVP
    Windows XP Associate Expert
    Windows Desktop Experience


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    John Barnett MVP, Mar 9, 2009
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  3. Stephaniek

    Wadieface Guest

    Are you the Admin, if so, you may be screwed. If not, have the admi
    reset your password. Also, did you create a password recovery disk? I
    you did, get the disk and you are safe. But, if you are the admin, tak
    it in to a computer shop and they may be able to log on using one o
    their computers or programs. Next time, make a better password, or writ
    it on your birthdate in your calander, timer, phone, etc
    Wadieface, Mar 18, 2009
  4. Stephaniek

    Brink Guest

    Hello Stephaniek,

    You can use METHOD THREE in this tutorial to reset your password.

    Hope this helps,


    *There are no dumb questions, just the people that do not ask
    '*Windows 7 Forums*'
    ( *and* '*::Vista Forums::*'
    *Please post feedback to help others.*
    Brink, Mar 18, 2009
  5. Stephaniek

    dinesh Guest

    Also you can try method 4 ..
    dinesh, Mar 19, 2009
  6. Stephaniek


    Sep 27, 2009
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    Last week , I was confronted with the password problem. Eventually , I solved my problem with the help of windows password Reset .you can have a try.
    tanpopo, Sep 27, 2009
  7. Stephaniek


    Nov 19, 2009
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    I have downloaded windows password key 8.0. It is a very quick and useful utility for resetting passwords. It not only supports XP, 2000, and NT, I have personally tested it with Vista Home Premium and Ultimate. It works perfectly to reset any local user account to a blank password.
    Just an easy to use bootable CD/DVD . It can also be used on a USB Flash Drive. lostwindowspassword[dog]com/
    kevin08, Nov 19, 2009
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