Forward a port with ICS?

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by hajas, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. hajas

    hajas Guest

    hello, I have a small LAN in my home, and works perfect, just like this:

    I have a P4 connected to a cable modem on the internet, ZA Plus is installed
    in this P4, and ONLY there.
    the P4 is also connect to a swicht which my other 3 machines are connected.

    The Internet connection of my P4 is shared to the rest (ICS). So all can
    only access internet if P4 is on and connected.

    so we have ONE external IP (dynamic), and 4 internal IPs: (P4/host) WinXP (P200) Win95 (P3) Win98SE (another P4) WinXP

    So if I start a server (game) in the other machines aside P4 (host), no one
    outside my LAN can find the game (I mean via internet). I think is because
    all machines have the same IP to internet, and when the game reach here he
    search at P4, which don't have any server running and nothing is found.

    I tryed in the 3 other machines, don't works in any of them aside works fine
    at my P4/host. :/

    Isn't firewall problem, all ports required are open, and anyone can connect
    at a server in my P4/host with firewall Running, which is the only place
    where have firewall. I until turn off the firewall to be 100% sure. My
    friends can't connect.

    So I know I need to foward the port of the game to the machine that have the
    server running. I don't know if is possible to do that with ICS, or how.

    I need to foward anything received from port XXXXX to YYYY machine.

    if not possible do that with ICS, any idea about how to do that with other
    way? or any other ideas?

    the reason to do that, is to use an old machine (Pentium 200) as a dedicated
    server, which will support very well a q2 server, while we can play in the
    other 3 machines, plus my friends via internet... so don't worth have it as
    the host of my LAN. :\

    hajas, Mar 28, 2005
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  2. hajas

    20004 Guest


    I know your problem is that your friends outside your P4(host) can not
    connection to your intra PC.

    That's two way fix this problem:

    1.Install Windows2003 or Windows2000Server instead of windowsXP (P4 host)
    [it is better if you are already use windows server ]

    Because windows Server simply to do that. In RRAS (Routing and Remote Access
    Server) setup use NAT to setup a prot-forward.

    2.find another software for port-forward , use :)
    20004, Mar 28, 2005
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