Forwarding notice on Hotmail account about to expire

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by LindCast13, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. LindCast13

    LindCast13 Guest

    Back when I was trying to set up WinLiveMail, I didn't understand why I had
    to have a Hotmail account to do so. I have inadvertantly two live e-mails
    now, but have received no notice on such on both, only one. If I can't have
    two live acct's and have to delete one, will this (above) action do the
    trick? Or can you tell me how to cancel one and still keep the other? I am
    really confused, because I thought I was creating a Hotmail account when
    opening my WinLiveMail?
    LindCast13, Dec 19, 2008
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  2. LindCast13

    Ron Sommer Guest

    A Hotmail account is not required for WLM.
    How did you create this new account?
    Do you only have Hotmail accounts? Any pop3 accounts?
    Ron Sommer, Dec 19, 2008
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  3. LindCast13

    N. Miller Guest

    You did not. Setting up Windows Live Mail presents an option to sign in to
    Windows Live services, which can be ignored, if desired. And a Windows Live
    sign in need not point to a Hotmail account. If you choose, a Windows Live
    sign in is not necessary at all, or can be another email domain than
    Hotmail. I am currently set up for a Windows Live sign in with my own
    Did you set up email forwarding in only the one account?
    I currently have four Windows Live Hotmail accounts configured in Windows
    Live Hotmail. Two in the '' domain, and one each in ''
    and ''.
    You could remove the one account you don't want from the WLMail account
    list, and never access it again. It will, eventually, be deleted (used to be
    inactive in 30 days, gone in 90 days, but I think they extended those
    I really don't understand why you thought opening an application was the
    same as creating an email account with a service. When first installed, and
    with no email accounts configured, Windows Live Mail offers to set up an
    email account. I don't recall what the initial offer looks like; but,
    normally, you are asked to enter account details, when initially setting up
    a client. WLMail is, apparently, preconfigured to set up appropriate ports
    and security options, based on the email domain you enter. If you enter a
    '' email address, WLMail sets up HTTPMail access. If you enter a
    '' email address, you get the appropriate settings for (I believe)
    POP3 access. If you don't enter any email information, I don't know how to
    get past the setup screen; I never tried it that way.
    N. Miller, Dec 19, 2008
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