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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by, Oct 16, 2008.


    Gordon Guest

    <sigh> That is why the Vista defragger operates in the background! It
    doesn't MATTER how long it takes! Jeeeeze!
    Gordon, Oct 17, 2008
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  2. So you're saying I can keep using the PC as it defrags? How are people
    supposed to know this? Or are you saying it's always running in the
    background even when no defragging is needed?
, Oct 17, 2008
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    Gordon Guest

    You shouldn't have to "turn it on manually" and you don't have to worry
    whether or not the disk needs defragging - Vista will start the defrag
    service automatically when the disk reaches a certain fragmentation.

    That's the WHOLE point of the Vista defragger - you don't have to think
    about it!

    And BTW, don't even start to compare NTFS fragmentation with FAT32 - NTFS is
    a far far better file manager than FAT32 ever was and thus needs defragging
    far far less frequently...
    Gordon, Oct 17, 2008

    Victek Guest

    Can someone recommend a good FREE defragger that shows the process as it
    Regarding whether third party defraggers are better then the one built in to
    Vista, there is the question of boot-time defrag. That is an option in
    PerfectDisk and Ultra Defrag (free) which makes it
    possible to defrag the page file, hibernation file, MFT and metadata. Since
    all of these files are locked while the Windows GUI is running it is
    necessary to defrag them during the boot process. While the performance
    benefit may not be dramatic it is noticeable in my experience, and it can
    make a significant difference to maximizing free space.
    Victek, Oct 18, 2008

    DDW Guest

    The ONE time I had a third-party defragger do that I lost all my
    restore points.

    DDW, Oct 18, 2008

    Victek Guest

    Can someone recommend a good FREE defragger that shows the process as
    Has never happened in my experience. I've been using boot time option of
    PerfectDisk on XP and now Vista for years without problems.
    Victek, Oct 18, 2008

    DDW Guest

    I don't remember which program it was, but I know it wasn't
    PerfectDisk. And it wasn't Diskeeper, which I have now.

    I'm thinking it was either the Auslogics defragger or JKdefrag, but
    it's been a while and I don't even remember if they had a boot-time

    DDW, Oct 18, 2008

    Gordon Guest

    Defragging (with any app) NEVER gives you more free space. How could it?
    What it does do is to turn non-contiguous space into contiguous space...
    Gordon, Oct 18, 2008

    Poutnik Guest

    As its side effect it can.

    Defragmentation of partitions with cluster size less than 16kB
    is not fully compatible with windows shadow copy service.

    The result is faster expiration and space release
    of older restore points. Vista built in defrag
    and PerfectDsik partially ?? eliminate it
    by special treatment of moving operations.
    Poutnik, Oct 18, 2008

    Victek Guest

    Quite right - more contiguous free space.
    Victek, Oct 18, 2008

    DDW Guest

    But not more space.

    DDW, Oct 18, 2008
  12. I'll try several and keep the best. Thank you.
, Oct 20, 2008

  13. So what do you recommend? I can't help wonder.....If it's always running in
    the background why does it run as long as 30 minutes when manually run?
, Oct 20, 2008

    D. Eth Guest

    Being that it uses the Windows Defrag, how does it optimize and defrag
    better ? mean the hop around colored squares that bounce around
    indiscriminately ?
    Fractals ?
    Random number generator ?
    Watch a defrag screen, nonsensical roving blocks were blown off years ago.
    D. Eth, Oct 20, 2008

    Rick Rogers Guest

    I recommend that it be left alone to do the job it was designed for. There
    should be no need to run it manually or to set aside specific time to defrag
    a system. If not modified by the user, the service will run as needed during
    downtime to do what it was designed for.

    I look at it this way: Why would an office manager want to hire a
    maintenance person to take out the trash in the middle of the day when
    everyone's working? Wouldn't it be better to have someone come in while the
    office wasn't in use to take care of the job without interfering with day to
    day operations?
    Rick Rogers, Oct 20, 2008

    +Bob+ Guest

    I look at it this way: If you had an office worker that was supposed
    to be taking out the trash, but whenever you checked to see if the
    trash can's were empty you found them full and getting in the way of
    other employees doing their job; wouldn't you be concerned that the
    cleaning worker wasn't really doing their job properly?

    You might not want to watch them work, but you'd at least want to be
    confident that the job was really being done and not impacting other
    employees through negligence.
    +Bob+, Oct 20, 2008

    Frank Guest

    Now you're getting desperate.
    Why are you even using Vista since it's apparent that you hate it?
    Frank, Oct 20, 2008

    Rick Rogers Guest

    Were that the case, I'd have the cleaner come through during lunch.
    Rick Rogers, Oct 20, 2008

    +Bob+ Guest

    Well, I just call the cleaner when I'm going to be out of the office.

    The trouble with the Vista cleaner is that he won't estimate how long
    it will take him to do the job, or let me know how far along he is in
    it... unlike they guy I used to hire under XP :) So, I've gone with
    another cleaning company.
    +Bob+, Oct 21, 2008

    Bill Sharpe Guest

    Bill Sharpe, Oct 22, 2008
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