Discussion in 'File Systems' started by flux blocker, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. flux blocker

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    Windows 2003 Server SP2, 5 sites, 2 DC's at HQ, one DC at each remote site.
    I ran FRSDiag.exe and everything passed except for these 4 errors. We have 5
    sites, the main HQ and 4 remote sites. The 4 errors were identical except for
    the 4-digit number. The numbers were 2766, 2747, 2763, and 2757. Each message
    said: ERROR: File Backlog TO server "DOMAIN\SERVER$" is: 2766 :: Unless this
    is due to your schedule, this is a problem! The remaining 3 errors were
    exactly the same except for the numbers noted above, and the server names
    which were in each respective site. My question is, how to I begin to
    interpret these errors, so that I can troubleshoot and attempt to correct the
    Thanks in advance!
    Sam (Flux)
    flux blocker, Feb 3, 2010
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