Frustrated...Clean rebuild, not so clean

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Rabbitz, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. Rabbitz

    Rabbitz Guest

    I have a HP DV4130us which i recently rebuilt. Problems from the start were
    no video and audio controllers, and now no microsoft update with error [Error
    number: 0x8024402F] coming up. I'm about to use this thing as a boat anchor
    for all the good its doing. Can someone lead me to website(s), free if
    possible, to get the drivers i need to get this thing up and running again??
    Any help appreciated.
    Rabbitz, Jun 23, 2006
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    Robin Walker [MVP], Jun 23, 2006
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  3. Rabbitz

    Rabbitz Guest

    Robin, sorry for not getting back here sooner but been busy. Ok, first of all
    I did bring the system recovery disk with me as supplied by HP and yes the HP
    site was the first place I looked and the drivers I needed to get the basics
    up and running were not there. Point to note, I'm not a geek so if someone
    could tell me in plain speak where I can get these drivers it'd be
    appreciated. For some reason when the computer was re-built the necesary
    drivers for all normal functionality music, graphics display, etc did not
    load. I do have basic functionality, but it gets messy from there. Like I
    can't get Widows updates anymore, at all, period. I've trolled the blogs to
    get an answer but everything I try comes up with a big fat ZERO! I used to be
    able to play some pretty good games like Alexander and Warhammer, but no joy
    because the Graphics Controller(?) won't accept the games. I've gone to the
    Intel site and downloaded the latest and greatest 915GM/GMS, 910ML Express
    Chipset Family Video Adapter but this doesn't fix the problem. I can't take
    it to a dealer because 1. I bought this thing in the 'Good Ol' USA' and took
    it home to Australia, and 2. now serving my country in a sandpit far from
    home and it's my only form of amusement. Any help, any help, at all would be
    appreciated. Thanks. Garry.

    Rabbitz, Jul 5, 2006
  4. Please open Device Manager and list all items which have a yellow
    exclamation mark against them (or any other indicator of error). Then we
    can see which drivers are missing. There should be an HP CD-ROM with all
    required drivers on it (not necessarily the Windows installation CD-ROM),
    but otherwise you can get all the drivers you need from the original
    manufacturer's support web site.
    You previously reported error code 8024402F. This is rarely reported, but
    in several cases with a successful conclusion it was found to be either (a)
    a third-party firewall blocking the correct operation of Windows Update, or
    (b) security options on a home NAT router which was blocking Windows Update.

    Please disable all third-party anti-virus, anti-malware, or firewall
    applications. (if that leaves you without a firewall, then enable Windows

    Please disable any firewall or security or blocking options in a home router
    if you have one.

    Now try Windows Update web site. Does it work now?

    If not, please post today's content from the file
    You might need to install DirectX 9.0c to enjoy the latest games. Follow
    the donwload link from
    Robin Walker [MVP], Jul 5, 2006
  5. Rabbitz

    Rabbitz Guest


    I feel like such a idiot. I've just discovered that in their infinite wisdom
    our shop of Geeks here disabled the link to Microsoft Update for some totally
    unexplained reason and didn't pass that little gem on, hence the no update.
    That updating can wait for another time. Thanks for the clue on that. It's
    hard to soar like an Eagle when your surrounded by Turkeys!!

    As for the rest, downloaded the new link for Direct X9.0c and it works a
    treat!! I had that version already loaded but obviously for some reason
    didn't work. Doesn't matter. I have MS Office, music, games, email and can
    play DVD's. That should make my down time a little more bareable and keep me
    outta trouble. Thanks for your time and research efforts.

    Garry Warren
    Al Multhanna, Iraq.
    Rabbitz, Jul 8, 2006
  6. I'm also having the problem with windows update error 8024402F on Windows
    Vista Home Premium I've tried every suggestion, what shold I do, will
    reinstalling help? How do you enable the link?
    Modeltrainman, Mar 15, 2008
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