FSMO roles and groups move to sub-domain

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by Scott, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. Scott

    Scott Guest

    I am building a domain controller that is a copy of our production domain to
    use in a test lab. We have an empty forest root domain with a sub domain.
    I've brought up the server in the productin domain as a DC and replicated to
    it. Then I moved it into the test network and seized all of the domain FSMO
    roles. However, I am unable to seize the schema master role due to lack of
    permissions. I assume this is because the Schema Admins and Enterprise
    Admins groups are in the empty forest root domain. Is there any way around
    this or will I have to bring up another DC from the root domain into the
    test network?
    Scott, Oct 11, 2004
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  2. If you have removed the last domain controller in the forest root domain,
    you have damage the directory without any other option than restore from
    backup. Its not possible (supported) to remove the forest root domain, and
    keep one or any child domain/ existing domain trees, domain in the forest.

    I'm not sure if I understand the case right? , there is not possible to
    promote a DC to a domain without existing DC.

    Christoffer Andersson
    Microsoft MVP - Directory Services

    No email replies please - reply in the newsgroup
    Chriss3 [MVP], Oct 11, 2004
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  3. I think that You a little miss his point Chriss3

    I think that this is following scenario:
    - Scott has production environment with forest root domain and child domain
    - he promoted a DC in a child domain and wants to use this DC in test
    lab. Becouse this was additional DC and it will be used only in test
    lab, he moved this DC to the test lab and now he's trying to seize FSMO
    roles to this servers (he cann't transfer them and he don't want to
    becouse original FSMO still are on the DC in the productive environment)
    - he is not able to move Schema master becouse schema admins are in the
    root domain.

    My answer to Scott question is: yes, in Your test lab You will need also
    DC from the forest root domain.
    Tomasz Onyszko, Oct 11, 2004
  4. Scott

    Scott Guest

    I re-thought this problem and was able to do it without having a DC from the
    root domain in the test lab. In my production environment I added an
    account from the sub domain to the root domain's Enterprise Admins and
    Schema Admins groups, which are universal groups. I rebuilt the DC in the
    test network and brought it up in the production domain again and made it a
    GC. This time it got the universal groups which now includes the account
    from the sub domain. Back on the test network, logged in as the user
    account that is in the Ent. and Schema Admin groups, I was able to move all
    FSMO roles to the test DC and it all seems to be running fine. We'll see if
    anything else breaks because the root domain isn't there. Obviously
    replication won't work, but I'm a little afraid of cleaning out the root
    domain with ntdsutil, since that might wipe out the universal groups since
    they are hosted there. Maybe I'll test that out when I'm ready to wipe it
    all out at the end of our testing.
    Scott, Oct 11, 2004
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