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Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Dave Onex, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Dave Onex

    Dave Onex Guest

    Hi Folks!

    I have MCE 2005 and long ago I went through the Movies section and chose to
    record about 140 shows in the future (none of them were in the guide). This
    used to work in that every once in a while I would see a movie recording
    that I had scheduled long ago. It had come up in the guide, had been
    recorded, and then the future recording was deleted - right as rain.

    In fact, what I used to see was that the 140 future recordings would slowly
    be whittled down as MCE 'found' instances of the shows to record.

    Anyway, lately I've been seeing that many of these future shows don't seem
    to be recording anymore. The list never decreases from 140. Instead, I'm
    often running into shows on TV that I was sure I had scheduled to record in
    the future. So much so that I've been checking the list and finding out that
    they were scheduled to record but weren't recorded....

    Right now I have a future recording set from long ago for Tommorrow Never
    Dies. So it should be recording that show when it comes on. However, I just
    checked the Movies section of MCE and what did I see? Tomorrow Never Dies is
    going to be on in a few days.

    So I go back into my future recordings list and sure enough, there it is. So
    I click on it and it tells me that there are no instances of the program in
    the guide but that it will record it in the future. The thing is, it IS in
    the guide and it IS coming on in a few days.

    This used to work - I can recall checking my list every so often and finding
    that it decreased on a more/less steady rate as upcoming shows were recorded
    and then the sheduled recording for that show was deleted.

    Series recordings still work, keyword recordings still work - it's just that
    for some reason upcoming movie recordings don't seem to work - even though
    they are set to any channel etc.

    Can anyone help with this? Has this been seen before?

    Dave Onex, Sep 2, 2009
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  2. Dave Onex

    Jaime Guest

    This is just a WAG and I don't know why it would matter, but has it possibly
    been since the digital switchover (if you are in the U.S.)?

    Do previously scheduled regular TV shows still record okay?
    Jaime, Sep 2, 2009
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  3. Dave Onex

    Dave Onex Guest

    Hi James;

    No, the digital switchover had nothing to do with us (Canada) and I'm on
    standard cable - so nothing changed at all on that front. Same line-up etc,
    in fact it was a no-issue up here.

    All scheduling works except future recordings of movies. So, if I manually
    set it to record a movie, that's in the guide, it will do it. If I manually
    schedule it to record anything that's in the guide, it will do it. It will
    also record a series that's in the guide as well as upcoming episodes for
    that series that aren't in the guide. It will also record keyword entries
    without issue.

    The problem seems to be localized to movies that are set to record in the
    future, ie, ones that are not currently in the guide where MCE needs to wait
    for it to appear to record it.

    Basically it's like this, if I go into the movies section and lookup a movie
    by actor, let's say Will Smith, and then review his list of movies and
    choose one to be recorded in the future - it won't. It will accept it, it
    will look like it will (all settings OK) but when that movie finally shows
    up in the guide it won't 'see' it and as a consequence, it won't record it.

    A current example is Tomorrow Never Dies. I chose it from the Movies section
    (I think it was under actor Pierce Brosnan) to be recorded in the future, it
    was OK with that, and now I see that it's in the guide and NOT scheduled to
    record it.

    If I go into the recorded series section and scroll down to the Tomorrow
    Never Dies entry and click on it - it shows that there are no scheduled
    recordings for that entry - it doesn't 'see' it in the guide I guess. This
    seems to be occurring for every movie that I chose to record in the future.

    The wierd thing is, it used to work. I clearly can recall movies being
    recorded once and then the entry for them in the queque being deleted.

    If I use XML Notepad to look at recordings.xml I can see the entry for
    Tomorrow Never Dies under WishListRecordingRequest I made the request on
    2009-04-19 (April 19 of '09) yet it's not scheduled even though it's come up
    in the guide. The title for the entry is the same as the title for the movie
    in the guide.

    What to do?

    Dave Onex, Sep 2, 2009
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