FYI: TMPGEnc DVD Author Update

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Bob, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. Bob

    Bob Guest

    The latest release of TMPGEnc DVD Author now includes a DVD Writing Tool,
    which can burn DVDs and create ISOs on your hard drive.

    I tested it by importing an MPEG Recorded TV Show (extracted by DVR-Ripper).
    I was easily able to trim the start/end and remove all the commercials from
    the video, and burn it directly to a DVD+RW.

    The thing I liked the most about this tool was the fact that it did not need
    to re-encode the video after making all the edits.

    I had been using Ulead DVD MovieFactory 2, and I discovered that if I make
    any edits within that application, it had to re-encode the entire video
    before writing the DVD. Not only was this very time-consuming, but it
    resulted in additional compression artifacts in the final video.

    Of course your mileage may vary, but I just thought I'd share my results
    with the newsgroup. You can download a fully functional trial version of
    this software at

    Bob, Jul 3, 2003
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  2. Bob

    Dave Neff Guest

    I played with TMPGenc DVD Author Update, and it seemed
    OK. It is only guaranteed/tested to work with MPEG2 files
    that have been encoded with TMPGenc however. As I usually
    first process MPEG2 files to do some clipping (get rid of
    the closed captioning artifact at the top of the screen)
    and a 2 pass variable bit rate, this would be no problem
    for me.

    I'd have probably bought it if I hadn't just bought Ulead,
    which works OK for me. I never edit within Ulead, I edit
    with TMPGenc and then process the files first anyway.
    With TMPGenc I can actually get pretty decent quality
    using a 2500 average bit rate and a 6000 max bit rate
    (also turning on soften block artifacts, sometimes noise
    reducing and sharpening as well), which lets me fit almost
    4 hours of pretty good quality on a single DVD. The 6000
    max bit rate comes from the setting I record TV programs
    at. I modified the registry to make fair be 2500, better
    4000, good 6000, and best 8000, with me generally
    recording at 6000.

    I already have something like 4 DVD authoring programs,
    and I know I would have to endure some harsh glares from
    my wife if I wanted to buy yet another :)

    The program is clearly for the hard core TMPGenc user,
    which is me :) It had pretty limitted menu templates,
    and lack of DVD burning directly was a negative, glad to
    see they fixed the burning limitation.

    Dave Neff, Jul 3, 2003
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