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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by Falcon, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Falcon

    Falcon Guest

    When ever i attempt to play a game on my pc which has vista ultimate o
    it, the game itself lasts for a few minutes maybe 10 mins but then i
    completely freezes and i have to cold restart.

    I have 4gb of ram and 1 9800gx2 on my system all with the lates
    drivers i have checked.

    Does anyone have any idea
    Falcon, Mar 7, 2009
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  2. Falcon

    Lillebror Guest

    Check your cooling. Your CPU should not overheat at that speed
    Lillebror, Mar 7, 2009
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  3. Falcon

    Falcon Guest

    My CPU is cooled by liquid and is hovering about 65c. Is that too hot
    im on idle at the moment.

    You think it could be CPU to hot rather than GPU too hot?
    Falcon, Mar 7, 2009
  4. Falcon

    Katy Pluta Guest

    65 on liquid cooling at idle sounds way too hot, you better check that
    cooling is effective...

    All the Best
    Katy Pluta
    Katy Pluta, Mar 7, 2009
  5. Falcon

    RalfG Guest

    Second that. Optimum temp varies with CPU but at idle it should be somewhere
    under 50c even with ordinary cooling. My P4 is sitting at 44c with 15-20%
    RalfG, Mar 7, 2009
  6. Falcon

    Falcon Guest

    The temperature i mentioned at the beginning is what the nvidia nforce
    told me however when i use realtemp it tells me that each core of my qud
    core is at 30c??

    I am using an armor lcs cooling solution. Should that not be affective
    Falcon, Mar 7, 2009
  7. Falcon

    Bill Guest

    65c for the GPU doesn't sound too bad, mine runs at around 69c at stock fan
    speeds, 30c for each core is excellent.

    if your GPU isn't liquid cooled there is a program called rivatuner that
    will allow you to turn up your GPU's fan speed. My GPU's normal fan speed
    is 29% and it runs at around 69c. In rivatuner I set the fan speed to go to
    50% when windows starts it drops down to around 60c. You can set it to
    adjust the fan speed. try setting the fan speed to 100% and see if your
    games run more stable.
    Bill, Mar 8, 2009
  8. Falcon

    RalfG Guest

    Just wondering what the shut-down temperature is set to in your motherboard
    BIOS? That and the cooling-fan speed/temp levels factor into your problem.
    The fan speed should kick up in stages as the CPU temperature rises. With a
    normal cooler the highest fan speed should be able to keep the CPU
    temperature safely below the critical level. It's no use my guessing
    whether your CPU cooler is effective or not, just monitor the CPU
    temperatures while it is under heavy use to judge that for yourself.

    Without knowing exactly which processor you are using we can only generalize
    about what is a normal or safe temperature. AMD Phenom maximum running
    temps are near the low end of the scale, others (Athlons, Semprons,
    Celerons) can run much hotter, Pentiums run cooler.

    The page below lists critical temperatures for a range of CPUs: Temperatures.shtml

    Your 65C at idle is normal for some CPUs but falls at or even above the top
    of the range for many others. For example, it would only take a few minutes
    or less of high use to boost that temperature above the maximum for a
    Phenom CPU.
    RalfG, Mar 8, 2009
  9. Falcon

    Falcon Guest

    Well i have a Q6600 processor and according to that website it says m
    max temp should be 62.5c but is that per core or in total? because usin
    realtemp my cores are all running at about 20-25c each.

    The GPU as well does seem to be cooler now i use that rivatuner, eac
    GPU seems to be opertaing around 65c
    Falcon, Mar 8, 2009
  10. Falcon

    EN4CER Guest

    That is a quad 'core' processor. This means that each core is logical (not
    physical). It should not be attempting to tell you the temperature of each
    core, rather it should tell you the temperature of the processor. The only
    time core temperatures matter is if you think one is acting up, in which
    case you would have much more severe problems.

    Have you installed the latest drivers for your motherboard and graphics
    card? Definitely check for the graphic card drivers as they are an extremely
    common problem. Also, this happens when your power supply is not giving
    enough juice to the entire system. What is the wattage of your PSU?

    Each CPU and GPU have different critical temperature ranges. I doubt you're
    hitting them. Can you explain the lock up in more detail? Do you have to
    reboot the computer or will CTRL+ALT+DELETE allow you to kill the program
    (game)? Can you alt tab? Do you hear looping sound? The more detail you give
    us the more likely we will be able to identify which component is having

    EN4CER, Mar 9, 2009
  11. Falcon

    Falcon Guest

    My PSU is a jeantech Storm 700W power supply i thought that shud
    enough? I do have the latest graphics drivers installed i always try t
    keep as upto date as i can with Geforce 182.08 and nForce 15.23.

    When the computer freezes there is a graphics kind of freeze and th
    picture has those lines on and becomes distorted, then it sometimes wil
    have the looping of the last sound but not all the time, most of th
    time tho it just completely freezes with the graphics all messed up an
    it does not respond to any input commands at all. Thats when i do a col
    restart to get my comp back
    Falcon, Mar 9, 2009
  12. Falcon

    Joe Guest

    Fun thread.

    My vote is that your GPU chipset is fried/dead/ka-putski, or is starting
    to fry. You may of had a problem at some point (cooling system not
    working correctly, or something), or the GPU could just be bad (been
    known to happen).

    That's my $.02, if you have an integrated graphics card, try switching
    to it and see if the problems go away. (will have to play games at a
    lower setting, but for testing purposes, ya gotta make sacrifices)

    There are hardware test programs you can get, they run from boot CDs and
    stress your hardware to try and find problems. Geek Squad uses PC-Check
    by EuroSoft, it's pretty through. Should at least be able to tell you if
    it's your CPU RAM MOBO or Video Card.
    Joe, Mar 10, 2009
  13. Falcon

    EN4CER Guest

    Looping sound is nearly always a sound problem. I encountered this issue
    with the Battlefield series. Try disabling hardware acceleration on your
    sound card (start > run > dxdiag). If you're using on-board sound then
    disable soundMAX and all sound completely (not just a mute, but disable).

    In that case you would hit start > control panel > hardware and sound >
    sound > properties and at the bottom select do not use this device. Try
    again and see if that helps. Let me know.


    Michael M. Bilberry
    Database Administrator
    Carrier Management Systems, Inc.
    500 Chestnut Street, Suite 500
    Abilene, TX 79602 U.S.A.
    Support: (325) 672-0975
    Office: (325) 677-5900
    Fax: (325) 676-0529
    EN4CER, Mar 10, 2009
  14. Falcon

    Joe Guest

    Not always, but never hurts to check. Given that sound cards generally
    run pretty cool and aren't as prone to esd damage as other more
    sensitive chipsets, Sound is usually the last thing to go.

    Honestly he said he had to hard reset when this occured, so it COULD be
    something else. Since Vista now uses User Mode audio/video drivers, when
    the video or audio crashes, usually Vista can shutdown/restart the
    driver without locking the user out of his system.

    So it could be neither system, but something else that's causing a
    kernal mode lock up.
    Joe, Mar 10, 2009
  15. Falcon

    EN4CER Guest

    I agree completely. Process of elimination though. The looping hard lockup
    just directly related to my issue is why I hoped for that being the issue.
    As you said before, the lines on the screen are usually indicative of a
    damaged GPU. I overclocked my Geforce 6800 long ago and it only reached
    critical temperatures once but after that I occasionally had red lines and
    yellow circles on textures. It only takes one incident.

    I didn't know Vista could could shut down the driver if it was
    malfunctioning or causing problems. Very cool! Regardless, I was hitting
    hard lockups with on-board sound (SoundMAX) that requires a physical hard
    restart. Realtek seems to exhibit some of the same problems as far as hard
    lockups are concerned.

    If he is running on-board sound can Vista still shut down that specific
    driver without causing issues with motherboard operation?

    Falcon: I forgot to ask, what games have you tried this with? Several I
    assume since you said 'games' and not 'game'.
    EN4CER, Mar 10, 2009
  16. Falcon

    Patrician Guest

    Run Memtest86 on your machine for at least 5 hours and look for any errors.
    The issues you are having can be indicative of faulty RAM.

    Memtest can be downloaded from:-

    Patrician, Mar 11, 2009
  17. Falcon

    EN4CER Guest

    Another thing you can try (in regards to RAM) is called flashing. We've had
    to do this for several machines where I work. Power down the system, un-plug
    the power cable (not for safety) then remove your RAM from the motherboard
    and put it back. This physically clears the RAM and anything inside of it.
    Before you power the system back on hold down the power button. Any lights
    or LEDs on the motherboard should now go dark. This cleans out any residual
    energy contained within the mobo. Usually you attempt that if the machine is
    failing at POST but while you have it opened up, might at well try it.
    EN4CER, Mar 11, 2009
  18. Falcon

    Falcon Guest

    Well i have tried the ram cleaning idea you suggested however this doe
    not seem to have affected anything. some games it freezes on are empir
    total war , dawn of war 2, civ 4 these are but a few examples. Recentl
    i have noticed that sumtimes the graphics driver fails and the compute
    restarts it which slows the game down, im trying to get the compute
    fixed to play empire total war.

    3dmark06 shows and stats that i have all the requirments for thes
    games, are there any programs you could suggest that would help you
    Falcon, Mar 14, 2009
  19. Falcon

    EN4CER Guest

    I assume you are on the 182.08 driver version for nvidia cards (It came out
    March 3rd). If so try rolling back to a previous card. Check your
    manufacturer warranty on the card and see if you can trade it out for
    another. I was having this very issue with COD4 this weekend, my solution
    was turning off SoundMAX (I still had sound but it went analog after turning
    it off). I also turned off Avast and other system services.

    Here's another question for you:
    SOLUTIONS > View Problem History (on the left side if you're using default
    view). Sort by date and tell me if any of the programs listed stop working
    the same time as your lock up. If another program stops working at the same
    time then it could be a conflict in software (This was happening with
    PunkBuster and still does. Although I know the game in question doesn't use
    PB. It may still be running in the background). It wouldn't hurt to kill
    punkbuster. CTRL+ALT+DELETE then go to task manager at the bottom. Within
    the processes tab you should see PunkBstrA and B. Kill them both and try
    again (If you have it installed that is).

    Also make sure you've killed all of the obvious programs that run on the
    system tray (bottom right of start/task bar, near the speaker button if you
    haven't disabled it). If nothing works still then manually disable sound and
    then go to START > RUN > MSCONFIG and temporarily disable all the services
    that aren't essential. Also go to the bootup tab and disable them. Then
    restart and see if that helps. Try the aforementioned and get back to us.
    EN4CER, Mar 16, 2009
  20. Falcon

    Joe Guest

    Vista can recover when your video card or your video card driver crashes.

    If it were me, at this point I'd go down to Best Buy, get a new video
    card and swap it out with whatever you're using now. Best Buy accepts
    returns for like 30 days, so if it's not the problem you can just return
    the card.

    (Newegg is good too, but takes a couple days to get the card)

    Usually when Vista says it's recovering from a video crash it's either
    your driver is bad (unlikely), or your video card is failing.

    You may meet the requirements, but that doesn't help if the cards are

    Remember to use ESD straps.
    Joe, Mar 16, 2009
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