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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by Jerry MAY, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Jerry MAY

    Jerry MAY Guest


    Do standard games work under Vist 64-bit?


    Jerry MAY, Mar 30, 2008
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  2. Jerry MAY

    VRG Scotty Guest

    Hi Jerry, in most cases yes.
    VRG Scotty, Mar 30, 2008
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  3. Yes, they do. And they work very well. Just make sure all your drivers are
    up to date.
    Dustin Harper, Mar 30, 2008
  4. Man-wai Chang ToDie, Mar 31, 2008
  5. Do standard games work under Vist 64-bit?
    While 99% of games require 'install as admin', you really shouldn't need to
    run most things as admin. Some games require it, usually due to
    copy-protection or anti-cheat schemes, but most do not. And neither of these
    has anything to do with using x86 vs x64, but Windows Vista UAC vs. Windows
    XP 'always runing as an admin'.

    Most games do work under Windows Vista x64. The problem games are usally
    caused by one of three things:

    (1) Ancient Windows 3.1 era code in their installer (which stuck around for
    much longer than it should have)

    (2) Copy-protection schemes that do not support 64-bit versions of the OS.
    Most newer games have fixed this already, and you can sometimes find patches
    to upgrade older games.

    (3) Buggy installers that have problems with "C:\Program Files (x86)" as an
    installer path or do hacky things to your registry settings.

    Most any other problem can usually be resolved by turning on one of the
    Compatibility modes to run the installer and/or the game.
    Chuck Walbourn [MSFT], Mar 31, 2008
  6. (2) Copy-protection schemes that do not support 64-bit versions of the
    So far I found only one game that doesn't require Run As Admin:
    Starcraft! Steam-based games... not too sure. :)

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    Man-wai Chang ToDie, Apr 1, 2008
  7. Yea, I ran into that problem yesterday on Vista 32bit. Installed a game
    called Silent Storm (didn't use admin mode to install) and when I went
    to run the game it accused me of using optical drive emulation software.
    Went to Securerom site to look for a fix and didn't see any so then
    tried running the game as admin and it ran fine. I'm sick of these mofo
    DRM companies screwing around with us. Microsoft should put a stop to
    these dickhead DRM companies like Secureom and Starforce.
    Rat River Cemetary, Apr 10, 2008
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