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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by Filipe, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Filipe

    Filipe Guest

    Hey everyone,

    I installed Windows Vista 32-bit recently and seem to be having some
    problems running some FPS games.
    Especially Half-Life 2 and CounterStrike, when i play the games are very
    slow and sometimes "crushes" and comes to the desktop. In Win XP i've played
    in very high resolutions very well, in Vista its much worse. Is it a drivers

    I have a P4 at 3.0 with 2GB DDR memory, with a ASUS ATI Radeon AX800 with
    the latest drivers of ATI (ATI Catalyst 7.1).

    One other thing, after i installed the latest ATI drivers when i run
    CounterStrike on STEAM, it gives me an warning message saying that my video
    drivers are out of date. How? If I have the latest drivers installed?

    Hope someone can help :) Thanks.
    Filipe, Feb 20, 2007
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  2. Well, first I'll let you know that it shouldn't be doing that. I played a
    fair amount of Half-life 2 episode 1over the weekend under Vista 64 bit and
    I had played under Vista32 bit as well. I run the ATI x1900XTX and I use the
    7.1 drivers as well. I'll have to go back and check, but I was only getting
    the drivers warning under HL2:EP1 under Vista 64. though maybe that last
    update changed that.
    It's possible valve is reading something wring with their code.

    So the good enws, is that everything should be working good. The bad news
    is, you seem to have something special going on and so figure out that
    problem could be a trick.

    Do you have any other games that are not steam related ? It should matter,
    but did you try also running the game in XP mode and run as administrator ?

    Did you do the usual updates of sound card and motherboard drivers ?
    Dale \Mad_Murdock\ White, Feb 20, 2007
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  3. Filipe

    Filipe Guest

    First of all, thanks for the reply.

    Yes, i've made all the updates in my motherboad, all except BIOS update. My
    soundcard is onboard.
    I have tryed to play Quake IV and gave me the same problems. Usually the
    game crashes in the beginning while Loading to the start menu.

    And no, i havent tryed changing the EXE of the games to XP compatible. Can i
    try to do that in Quake, CounterStrike, HF2 or even Steam?

    I have red in other forums that Vista is still very "recent" for gaming.
    Probably this is going on with other people.

    Thanks again.
    Filipe, Feb 20, 2007
  4. I dunno, there are bugs and different hardware is reacting different. Nvidia
    card had some issues,creative cards are still in beta mode. So different
    people are going to have different results. Overall, I can't say that gaming
    under Vista is any worse than under XP. It's slower, but when you're already
    getting over 100fps in a game dropping down to 90 isn't that big of a deal.

    I have played any Quake 4, but I did play around with Doom3 for about an
    hour. No problems there and they released a Vista update patch in 1.31. HL2
    and CS play just fine. I played some CS 1.6 for about 35 mins the other
    night to try and reproduce a problem for someone. I mostly play battlefield
    2 and 2142 and no complaints there.

    I did have a bug with the G15 keyboard and certain games like FEAR, but
    that's also a problem under XP, just not as bad.

    I also have 3 other PCs I've been playing with, An AMD 3800 with a X850 card
    and 2GB of ram, A P4-3.2 northwood with a 6800GT card with 1GB of ram and an
    AMD 3400 with a nVidia 6600 card with 1GB of ram. I've only played a little
    with the last two, but they play doom3 and FEAR well enough ( they have
    weaker GFX cards, so it's expected to be slower), they both completed
    3Dmark06, I don't have any sound issues. The AMD3800+ is the Girlfriend's
    system and I ran the Doom3 benchmarks on there and she just finished playing
    The sims stories, which isn't on par with Quake4, but it's pretty taxing on
    a system.

    On all these systems, I did a clean format of the drive and then installed
    Vista. I think upgrading system is just a sure fire way to run into
    problems. Each of these systems also has a dedicated games disks, which I
    also push the pagefile over too.

    Anyways, back to your question, You don't change the EXE, just the shortcut
    to the game. It's safe and simple.

    If you have onboard sound and it's a realtek, they have released Vista
    drivers for it. check out I'd actually suggest going into
    the BIOS and disabling the sound card altogether just to see if that's the

    Also, if there is any other hardware, like IDE\SATA controller cards you can
    take out, unplug any joysticks, heck try plugging the KB and mouse into the
    PS2 slots if you have the adapters. Knowing that the games should work,
    tells you it's something specific to your config, just gotta figure out
    Dale \Mad_Murdock\ White, Feb 21, 2007
  5. Filipe

    Gnome07 Guest

    Gnome07, Feb 21, 2007
  6. Odd way to post a question, but the short answer is. You should be able to
    load game and you should be able to play any game under Vista as you do
    under XP. Keep in mind the 6400 card is not the most powerful card in the
    world, so don't expect to play FEAR on it on max settings.

    But short answer is, you should be able to play games on it, without major
    Dale \Mad_Murdock\ White, Feb 21, 2007
  7. Filipe

    Filipe Guest


    Oh okay, yesterday i've tryed to change the EXE not shortcut :D

    My board is an ASUS P4P800 with the onboard soundcard (Six-channel AC97
    codec: Analog Devices AD1985). Can i still disable the sound from the BIOS
    and check for drivers in I tryed to find those drivers but
    i couldn't.

    Yes i have a SATA harddrive, and i have the mouse & keyboard in a USB
    connection, not PS2.
    But can this "game crashes" and slow game performance have anything to do
    with soundcard, keyboard, etc?

    I have search the web for reasons for the error that gives me in Quake 4 is
    that the game crashes right while "Initializing menus". The probable reasons
    is the windows firewall bloking the game from accessing the Internet. But the
    window is hidden behind the game, and of course alt+tab doesnt work. I can't
    put the game running in window mode like Quake 3 so I have to try and give
    Quake 4 full access onto the internet.

    I tryed yesterday playing Half-life 2 in single game, and in the first
    loading (after playing a little and going thought a door) the game crashes
    and closes the game.

    Thanks again.
    Filipe, Feb 21, 2007
  8. I guess this is the correct realtek address

    Drivers are here

    Not sure why Quake4 needs to get to the internet to run, but you can always
    disable the firewall altogether, that's a easy way to remove that has a
    possibility. Just go to your control panel, choose windows firewall and
    choose Change settings and choose OFF.

    I don't think the sound card is the problem, but when you're having odd
    problems you have to start eliminating possible issues, maybe the driver
    didn't load correctly and so it causes some games to crash. Disabling the
    Audio is a fix to eliminate that possibility. The G5, G7 mice and the G15
    keyboard (which I have) causes poor performance in some games. I got bit by
    this in FEAR. Some people had success putting the mice in the PS2 port,
    since the problem has something to do with certain Game engines and USB.

    Try Ctrl+Esc to switch windows, when Alt+Tab doesn't work
    Dale \Mad_Murdock\ White, Feb 21, 2007
  9. Filipe

    Filipe Guest


    After putting the Quake IV shortcut with XP compatibility the games enter
    normaly. I've played with medium quality at 1024* and it plays very well. But
    in XP i've played it in High Quality, it's still a little bit worse.

    My keyboard it the Revoltec FightAdvanced Keyboard, and when i plug it in
    PS2 with the adaptor the keyboard won't work, still after the reboot. I dont
    know why :\

    Another thing, in the BIOS - Advanced Chipset Settings i have the field
    'Graphics Aperture Size' at= 64MB. My graphics card is ASUS ATI RADEON AX800
    256MB, can't i put this field in BIOS to 256MB? Can you help me with that?

    After i've disable the onboard Audio in the BIOS, i coun't install the new
    drivers of Realtek.

    I'm going to install the new ATI 7.2 drivers and make the tests again.

    Thanks for your help. Do you have MSN Messenger?

    Filipe, Feb 21, 2007
  10. Filipe

    Dale White Guest

    It's been my experience that you actually want the AGP smaller. I've gotten
    better numbers out of a 32meg setting and worse performance out of a 128 and
    256 meg setting.

    You can't disable the on-board sound and install the new drivers, you do one
    or the other. Since you got Quake4 started, you probably just need to update
    the drivers.

    Sorry no IM chatting for me. These newsgroups and other game forums take all
    my time
    Dale White, Feb 22, 2007
  11. Filipe

    Filipe Guest

    Hey, no problem i understand.
    I'm realy getting tired of Vista... :\ i'm very sad for saying that.
    Yesterday when i got home, i played Quake IV only in medium quality at 1024*
    and it played fast. After I installed the new ATI Catalyst 7.2 drivers Quake
    doenst even work good at low quality :| i realy dont understand what's

    I also tryed to install the new drivers for Realtek AC'97 that Vista wont
    let me, it automatically installs the drivers that he thinks its better.
    After a while i did it but there was no sound with the Realtek AC'97, only
    with the microsoft drivers. But can it be because of the sound drivers?

    In the mean while, i got a lot of "Windows Explorer" errors :-( that the
    Windows had the terminate the explorer.exe and load it again...

    I'm getting a little bit tired of this, XP never gave me this Video crashes
    and problems :\ I will try to get help with Microsoft people too, cause this
    is not normal.

    Thanks for your help.
    Filipe, Feb 22, 2007
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