General gaming performance on vista?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by Rod Andrews, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Rod Andrews

    Rod Andrews Guest


    I just purchased vista and I curious will I see a performance increase over
    Rod Andrews, Apr 3, 2007
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  2. Right now, XP has higher benchmarks than Vista in most games. But, the video
    drivers are still not mature for Vista. You will gain DX10 with Vista, but
    the games aren't released yet. Basically, for gaming XP is faster and you
    won't gain anything with Vista at present time.

    I'm a gamer and do not notice a big difference, unless you are benchmarking.
    However, reading HardOCP's recent reviews, Vista does have a larger impact
    on playability settings (eye candy, physics) on games like Company of
    Dustin Harper, Apr 3, 2007
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  3. Well, according to Microsoft's own statements, moving the video driver to
    user mode will cost anywhere from 3-15% performance loss. So if you are
    already suffering with slow performance it could get worse. Doom3 is
    currently the place where I see the greatest loss, losing around 20-25fps.

    Like Dustin said, in 6 months, the drivers for Vista should be mature enough
    the loss should around the 3% range.

    Also, like Dustin said, unless you are benchmarking you may not notice the
    loss. While doom runs 20-25 fps slower, we're talking running at 100-110
    fps, versus 135-140 fps. Same for games like FEAR, Half-life 2, etc., though
    their fps loss is around 10 or in the case of FEAR, no real loss

    Where Vista is still an open sore for some, if you search through all these
    forum\newsgroup posts, is older games seem to have Multiplayer issues (like
    Age of Empires and Call of Duty) and I have personally (along with several
    others) discovered a lag issue due to heavy disk I/O in the middle of the
    game for Battlefield 2 (though 1942 or 2142 doesn't show that issue) which
    makes the game unplayable for 15-45 secs.

    If you own a nvidia card you may be in for double punishment, as it would
    *seem* that they are currently having more problems then the ATI guys.
    nVidia is due to release some major drivers this week (can't confirm that)
    that's suppose to fix most of the woes.

    Finally, I suggest you look at all the games you play and either look over
    at to see if anyone has posted about them or go to
    the game's forums and post about people playing said game under Vista and
    see what response you get.
    Dale White V64, Apr 3, 2007
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