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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by fixminze, Jul 9, 2004.

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    I have a very old SCSI device without any drivers. Back in the good
    old DOS days I simply used 16-bit ASPI calls in order to talk to this
    device. Then came Win95 with wnaspi32.dll and I moved my program to
    32-bit - no problem. In Win2000 I realised that there is no ASPI32,
    however Adaptec provides it on their web pages so I can still use it
    without any modifications on my program.

    Now I want to move on and would like to use SCSI pass-through commands
    in order to get the device going. Furthermore I would like to program
    the device regardless of the bus system, that is, I would like to use
    it on a plain SCSI card as well as on an USB-SCSI converter.

    I found on Microsofts web page KB - 259695
    "HOWTO: Enumerate Hardware Devices by Using SetupDi Calls"
    which works great, at least I can find my device.

    and I found KB Article - 305184
    "SAMPLE: Enumerate CD Drives and Get Their Properties/Capabilities"
    this one needs a ClassGUID.

    My questions:

    ..) Using SetupDi calls, am I on the right track at all or is there a
    simpler way of doing it.

    ..) without any ClassGUID, can I program the device or do I need to
    install a ClassGUID.

    Many thx for any answer in advance,
    fixminze, Jul 9, 2004
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