GPO refresh interval [WILDPACKET]

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by WILDPACKET, Sep 8, 2005.



    Applied a VBScript at the domain level using a GPO.

    I have noticed it's taking quite while to take affect, restarted few pc's
    but did not take affect.

    Then went to few PC's and did gpupdate/force and restarted them ...then it

    I don't want to change the refresh interval as it may cause extra traffic.

    All PC's are winXPP and servers Win2003.

    Any thoughts how can I speed up the GP refresh interval rate w/o chewing the

    Users do not log off their pc's or shut down when they go home. PCs are all
    over the country at about 70/80 sites connected with high speed links.

    Thank you in advance every one.
    WILDPACKET, Sep 8, 2005
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