GPU Usage indicator... (maybe inside task manager?) (also heat indicators and protection could be ad

Discussion in 'Windows 64 Bit' started by Skybuck Flying, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Hello,

    I think it could be interesting if the Task Manager is updated/upgraded with
    a GPU indicator in future version of windows.

    Then the user can view cpu usage as well as gpu usage.

    Failing that... maybe nvidia can release a gpu usage tool to view the gpu
    usage ?

    (I can't remember if something like that already exists ? I can remember
    seeing gpu temperatures in a seperate tool... but lately these tools seem to
    be gone from the drivers ? or they were moved into seperate installations
    ? )

    Also a gpu temperature indicator would be nice... could be a seperate tool.

    Anyway task manager could also be updated/upgraded with "temperature

    Crucial temperature readings for: cpu, gpu and especially motherboard could
    be included.

    This would be a kick against the sore leg of hardware manufacturers and
    re-sellers which probably wouldn't be too happy with customers learning the
    dirty little heat secret but at the same time it would be a nice service
    from Microsoft to it's software buyers ! :)

    Such "standardized" temperature readings might prevent hardware
    damage/failures for customers... Again the hardware manufacturers might not
    like that especially if the hardware is out of warranty.

    However again Microsoft should take care of it's software buyers and protect
    the software buyer's computers from damage.

    Also hardware manufacturers could be obligated to prevent safe temperature
    thresholds for their products... if those thresholds are exceeded microsoft
    windows could counter act... either by warning the end user.... or
    throttling down... or shutting down... or doing a combination like warning
    user and throttling down or even shutdown for precious equipment situation
    who could be unmanned.

    Windows could then also advice the user what to do, for example:

    1. Check inlet and outlet airvents to see if they are not obstructed.
    2. Clean any dust filters.
    3. Check if fans are actually spinning.
    4. Remove hardware or cables inside the pc which might be blocking heat (or
    advice a repairman to have a looksy ;):))
    5. Get a better case or better fans...

    Points 4 and 5 might be pushing it a bit at the responsibility front for
    microsoft... so could be left out... or at least hinted at ;)

    Having had some probably-heat-related hardware failures/issue's myself I
    would be very pleasently surprised if Microsoft takes action to protect
    consumer pc's from heat-related damage !

    I shall patiently wait for these features to be added to Microsoft Windows,
    I have also included a law newsgroup for the far future.

    If I were the law makers I would probably obligated operating system
    manufacturers to include such features into their operating systems. This
    law would come into effect as soon as possible.

    Therefore I hope law makers read this posting as well and will consider to
    create and implement such a law if operating system makers fail/refuse to
    take action themselfes ! ;) :)

    Skybuck Flying, Sep 24, 2009
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