Graphical corruption

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by Druidika, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Druidika

    Druidika Guest

    I am getting some weird graphical corruption in Vista RC1 which I didn't get
    in the Pre-RC1 version. Games not running in fullscreen seem to run fine and
    with good performance, but once switched to fullscreen, artifacts are all
    over the screen. Happens in both the Company of Heroes demo and Guild Wars,
    the only games that I tested. Unfortunately it's impossible to take a
    screenshot of these artifacts because they seem to disappear for a second
    while taking the screenshot. I am using the same drivers for my 7800GT I
    used with the Pre-RC1 client, the Vista 32bit drivers available from
    Druidika, Sep 10, 2006
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  2. Druidika

    Dark Fact Guest

    I get the same thing with my ASUS 6800 (512MB DDR3 Memory) Card. It's
    actually sometimes pretty bad the corruption and artifacting. I have even
    loaded newest Nvidia drivers and to no avail.
    Dark Fact, Oct 5, 2006
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  3. Druidika

    Dark Fact Guest

    I did accidentally find something that may be of use. When the artifacting
    happens, ALT+TAB Guild Wars and re-maximize the game and wala no more
    artifacts for about 10 seconds or if you pan the camera too much.
    Dark Fact, Oct 8, 2006
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