Guest Computer Management -> Disk Management hangs "detecting logicaldisk"

Discussion in 'Virtual PC' started by ohaya, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. ohaya

    ohaya Guest


    I have several guests installed under VPC 2004 SP1 (original host was
    Win2K server). I'm in the process of moving these guests to another
    machine: HP Proliant DL3XX, Win2K3 Server. All guests are Win2K server.

    Several of the guests originally included one VHD (with the C:
    partition), and a 2nd VHD (the D: partition), where I have the swap

    What I've been doing is to move the guests is to copy the VMC and the
    VHD containing the C: partition to the HP Proliant, then creating a new
    VHD for the swap partition, and then starting the guest (on the HP).

    When I start the guests that use the 2nd, swap partition on the HP,
    Win2K apparently doesn't see the 2nd, swap partition, so it typically
    creates a small (20MB) swap file on the C: drive. I then go into
    Computer Management->Disk Management, detect the 2nd partition, format
    the 2nd partition, and configure Win2K to put the swap file on D:.

    This has worked fine, except in one case. Win2K Server (the guest)
    starts up ok, but when I go to Disk Management, the right pane is grayed
    out, and it looks like the Disk Management app basically hangs.

    I've verified that the guest setup is ok, i.e., the 2nd drive is
    pointing to the 2nd VHD, etc., and I've tried rebooting that guest
    several times, and the same thing seems to happen each time.

    Does anyone have any ideas about what the problem might be? Also, any
    ideas about what I can do to get this one guest working properly and add
    the 2nd swap partition?

    ohaya, Mar 14, 2007
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