Guitar Hero II Controller (XBox 360) on Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by Lim-Dul, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. Lim-Dul

    Lim-Dul Guest

    Hello there!
    I'm not sure if anybody is familiar with this piece of hardware - it's a
    normal USB game controller. =)
    Anyway - I've read ALL over the internet that people have no problems at
    all with Vista recognizing the guitar as an XBox 360 Controller straight
    away... Well... Not for me...

    I installed the 1.1 XBox 360 Acessories Software from Microsoft and the
    controller kind of installs, but only partially.

    What I mean is this:

    In the Device Manager I have the XBox 360 controller under the standard
    controller for Windows class.


    Then I have an USB HID interface device:


    And then I have an unknown Device under "Other devices":


    (parent: USB\VID_1430&PID_4748&IG_00\6&1b44eb60&10&00)

    The problem is that although the controller IS working in some games it
    isn't listed in the control panel under "game controllers" and most
    games/programs don't recognize it. I guess they would if the most
    important device ID strings weren't in the "unknown device" part, e.g.:

    HID_DEVICE_SYSTEM_GAME (this line enables the game controller
    functionality in Vista)

    Does anybody know how to fix this problem? So basically how to make the
    controller appear in the "game controllers" list? I've spent half the day on
    trying to figure that one out...

    Jan Milewski

    P.S. The installation process in itself was a bit... strange. At first the
    guitar was recognized as a "Guitar Hero X-plorer" and Vista automatically
    installed the XBox 360 Controller drivers for it BUT after that the
    controller was recognized a second time and this time no drivers could be
    found - I ran a driver search on my system and the "second part" of the
    controller installed itself as the "HID device/unknown device" combo listed
    Lim-Dul, Jul 7, 2007
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  2. Lim-Dul

    freddy Guest


    Some folks have had good luck resolving USB device recognition issues like
    you have by deleting the INFCACHE.1 file, which can get corrupted with bad
    data and cause issues like you have. The file is located at C:\Windows\inf.
    There, scroll down to the INFCACHE.1 file and right click it and select
    delete. To do this, you will likely have to give yourself permission to
    delete it, because of Windows
    built-in security. Just right click the file, select Properties and then
    click on the security tab. Let us know whether this procedure does anything.
    Sometimes it does and sometimes not. Post back on the results.
    freddy, Jul 7, 2007
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  3. Lim-Dul

    Lim-Dul Guest

    Holy macaroni!
    You're my new god! I wouldn't have guessed that the solution is SO simple
    and so hard to find on the internet (though I considr myself an expert in
    finding information =). I deleted the file (had to give myself the permission
    to do so like you said), restarted the system, plugged in the controller and
    suddenly it works like a charm - it installed itself with no questions asked
    and popped right up in the Game Controllers section of the Control Panel.
    Thanks man! You saved my Frets-on-Fire party tonight. ^^

    Jan Milewski
    Lim-Dul, Jul 7, 2007
  4. Lim-Dul

    Jay Morris Guest

    Jay Morris, Nov 3, 2008
  5. Lim-Dul

    Jay Morris Guest

    Hello, I had relatively the same exact problem with my xbox 360 controller
    via Windows Vista home premium (32 bit). I'll give a brief description of my
    prblem real quick. I plugged my xbox 360 controller via USB into my pc, and
    of course got the automatic update and now I have the "Xbox 360 Wireless
    Controller via Play & Charge Kit" under my device driver list. Yet my pc
    doesnt even recognize the controller itself, like "Lim-Dul" said, I cannot
    find it under control panels "game controllers". I took the step "freddy"
    suggested and that still didn't work, my controller is yet to be recognized
    my on pc. I have even uploaded some driver extensions from microsoft download
    website and that didnt help either. Please help me out, any info is
    appreciated! -Jay
    Jay Morris, Nov 3, 2008
  6. Lim-Dul

    Jay Morris Guest

    Jay Morris, Nov 3, 2008
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