Halo, Vista, Parental Controls

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by mpersico, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. mpersico

    mpersico Guest

    lOnce I put my son's standard account under Parental Control on Vista Home
    Premium, he couldn't start a local server or access an Internet one. I think,
    from searching around, I could make his account an administrator account to
    get around this, but I'm not toon keen ongiving the kid thast much power.
    Does anyone know how to tel Parental Controls that Halo and Halo2 are allowed
    to create/access servers?
    mpersico, Jan 20, 2008
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  2. mpersico

    mpersico Guest

    Oh, and I want to do this KEEPING UAC. Despite many comments in these forums
    and in the press UAC is fine - it actually caught a rogue process trying to
    fire up a key watcher on my computer.
    mpersico, Jan 20, 2008
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  3. mpersico

    Andy [YaYa] Guest

    All hail the UAC, it actually does work. Could it be easier, sure, but for
    now I'll take it.

    Halo 1? or Halo 2? I'd hope that if you were playing Halo 2 that it would be
    savoy with a Parental Setup system. If you're playing Halo 1, there is a
    chance that there may be some compatibility issues if you're not running in
    administrator mode, which of course negates the whole "Parental Control"

    What's probably occuring is Halo is trying to write files to areas of the
    drive that your son doesn't have access too. Like in the Program Files
    folder. What you "Could" try doing is installing Halo into their
    C:\Users\<Name> folder.

    Try this... Uninstall the game from your system.
    Login to your Son's account, and run the Halo installer. If it doesn't allow
    you to install the game right click the setup and "Run As Administrator" or
    other user, and use your admin account.
    When the game asks where you want to install the game, switch the folder to
    something like:

    C:\Users\Son's Name\Halo

    Game should install ok, then try running it again and see if it allows
    internet games without running in admin mode.

    If not, well I apologize, there's gotta be an easier way to do this, I'm
    sure someone else will chime in soon. Lots of smart cookies here.

    Andy [YaYa], Jan 21, 2008
  4. mpersico

    mpersico Guest

    I'll give this a shot. We're working with Halo1 - I got Vista upgrade and
    Halo2 for Xmas for the kids but the on-board graphics won't cut it.:) Time
    for new graphics cards. In the meantime, I'll see if the reinstall to a less
    secure area helps with creating servers.

    And if anyone else has an answer, please feel free to chime in. Whaet really
    suprized me is that fact that a year after Vista's release, the answer didn't
    bubble up on a Web search. I CAN'T be the only parent with this problem...
    mpersico, Jan 23, 2008
  5. mpersico

    reparental Guest

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    reparental, Jan 29, 2008
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