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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by sld1164, Aug 26, 2007.

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    Running Vista Home Premium Windows Mail
    Originally I had the problem with not being able to delete my deleted
    messages and I got the "Message could not be displayed and something about
    not enough memory. Judging from the amout of posts, memory isn't the
    culprit. I foliowed the procedures, which I copied below, and this helped to
    eliminate the deleted files. NOW, I am not retrieving mail through Windows
    Mail from my Comcast provider. I can send mail, but I'm not receiving any
    and I have to log onto IE to my service provider and then get my mail, which
    makes Windows Mail useless. I already went through the steps of setting up a
    new account and entering my POP and SMTP info.
    Does anyone have any ideas how I can get my mail through Windows Mail??

    **This was the procedure I followed to delete deleted messages
    *Windows Mail has a newer (to them) form of database. Each email is stored


    Do the following:

    1) Open Control Panel then select Folder Options.

    a) click on the Views tab
    b) Select "Show hidden files and folders"
    c) Uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types"
    d) click APPLY then OK.
    e) Close Control Panel

    2) From Windows Mail

    a) Click on the Tools menu
    b) click on Options
    c) click on the Advanced tab
    d) click the Maintenance button
    e) click the Store Folders button.
    f) make a note of the location of the message stores. It will be

    something like:

    C:\Users\<account name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail
    g) close Windows Mail

    3) Open Windows Explorer

    When it opens, you will see a small black triangle next to the user account

    name. Click it to collapse it.

    he following, the triangle will not appear till you put the mouse over
    the element in question.

    Move the mouse to the "Computer" line. A triangle will appear, click on it

    to expand it.

    You should see something like "Local Disk (C:)"

    Click on the triangle to expand it.

    Locate "Users" and click on the triangle next to it to expand it.

    Locate <username> and click on the triangle next to it to expand it.

    Locate "AppData" and click on the triangle next to it to expand it.

    Locate "Local" and click on the triangle next to it to expand it.

    Locate "Microsoft" and click on the triangle next to it to expand it.

    Now, in the right window pane, locate Windows Mail.

    Click on it.

    In the left window pane, scroll upward till you see "Local Disk (C:)"

    Now, in the right window pane, hold them left mouse button down on the

    Windows Mail folder.

    Drag it to the "Local Disk (C:)" and release the mouse button.

    Select MOVE Here.......

    Now, this may take a bit to get done, depending upon how much mail is there.

    Give it time.

    Now, when it's done, create a new folder name Windows Mail to replace the

    moved one in the

    C:\Users\<account name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft folder.

    Now start Windows Mail.

    It will be empty but that's no biggie.

    Create a couple of folders in Windows Mail and name them Old Mail, Old


    Click on the Old Mail folder to open it.

    Resize Windows Mail so you can see both Windows Explorer and Windows Mail.

    In the Windows Mail folder you will see a Local Folders folder, click the

    triangle to expand it.

    Locate the Inbox folder.

    In this folder you will see a lot of .eml files. These are the old emails.

    Drag and drop ONLY the .eml files to the Old Mail folder in Windows Mail.

    Do similar for Sent Items to the Old Sent folder.

    Now, see if Windows Mail works for you.

    ***Yes, it worked and I deleted the deleted messages, but now Can't retrieve
    sld1164, Aug 26, 2007
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  2. Gary VanderMolen, Aug 26, 2007
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