HCT FAT - File I/O Test passed but test log contain red lines

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by Long Ta, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Long Ta

    Long Ta Guest

    Hello all:

    I am testing my SCSI miniport driver for a pci device that contain the flash
    memory tnat is configured with 4Meg disk drive formatted as FAT. The FAT -
    File I/O test passed but when reading the log there are many block of text
    shown below here. In this block of line, there is one line printed red in the
    log file. I just cannot think of what I can do to clear this "hint".

    I think the SCSI PORT driver should take care of this problem, not the SCSI
    miniport. Is this true? If yes, there got to be a problem with MS SCSI Port
    driver. If not, what can I do to resolve this? Thank you.

    If the API is CreateFile AND If the open should have succeeded AND
    If the file existed before the call to CreateFile and if OPEN_ALWAYS
    or CREATE_ALWAYS were used as the Create Disposition value, then

    <b>GetLastERROR should return ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS</b>

    API used: hFile = X_CreateFile(AUXAPI,

    SecurityAttributes.bInheritHandle = 0
    SecurityAttributes.lpSecurityDescriptor = NULL;
    lpTestInf->credisp = 2
    lpTestInf->attrib = 2
    lpTestInf->hTemplateFile = 0

    +TC_RESULT+ PASS AKRNFIL2 SdkCreateFile 77 9
    +Test_Case+ 10 CreateFile test case
    Long Ta, Nov 8, 2004
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