HDCD -> 24-bit WMA Pro (wish list)

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Joel L., May 14, 2004.

  1. Joel L.

    Joel L. Guest


    Now that I have a complete setup with a 24-bit audio interface, studio
    monitors, etc, I have taken a greater interest in HDCD technology
    (www.hdcd.com) because it allows up to 20-bit quality on a CD that is also
    16-bit backward compatible. Since Windows Media Player 9 on WinXP supports
    HDCD playback, I was recently listening to a few CD's I have that are HDCD.
    I could hear the difference in quality and that's great. Unfortunately,
    however, once you "copy from cd" in WMP9 and play back the WMA files, they
    no longer get decoded as HDCD, even when Windows Media Lossless has been
    selected as the compression codec. What I would like to see is the ability
    to encode an HDCD to the 24-bit Windows Media Audio Pro codec. Basically
    what would happen is that WMP would decode the HDCD to it's 20-bits and then
    those 20-bits would be encoded in a 24-bit WMA Pro file. That way playback
    from the hard drive would be at HDCD quality instead of 16-bit only.

    Just curious if anyone else thought about this. I might submit this as a
    wish list item to Microsoft.

    Joel L., May 14, 2004
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