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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by mikwiz, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. mikwiz

    mikwiz Guest

    I have purchased and just received a Dell 944 printer. I t was sold to me by
    Dell's website and over the phone as being "Vista Capable." I asked at the
    time about the 32 vs. 64 bit apps and .dll's . No prob said Dell sales.
    there is a problem.
    The software on the printer is 32 bit, but has a 64bit option, which I
    exclusively download for the new printer from Dell's websit, the 55.4mb
    program is sitting on my desktop as i type. I have run it, and get on a loop
    when the Wirless adapter, a Dell 3300, brand new, and installed completely,
    with its own software, but hangs up with it printer counterpart software when
    running scripts on startup.exe.
    I can get through a few wirless steps, but then when it comes time to enter
    "My Computer name", the Printer software goes in a loop, and sz "plz try
    again later."
    I have tried again later, like, for the last 2 days, and same message.
    I went on to Dell's website, downloaded a 64bit 944driver/software package
    (different from the 32 bit in the box it just came with), and it won't run to
    a dll script error. I managed to bypass the error and have the file unzipped
    into c: drive, drivers, printers, 944 Dell, and tried every conceivable
    combination of running the software/driver package manually to make it work.
    I think I got close, but not cloe enough.
    I think it may have to do with a VBScipt error on a dll. app--does that make
    It also might be due to sharing/security issue settings, but I can't figure
    out how to integrate my network totally like I did in XP, whil I am on Vista.
    Just to let you know, I think, overlalll, Vista rules over XP, in almost
    every regard, and probably will in a few years. It's cool to explore this
    stuff now, though, but if your not interested in responding, now worries.
    mikwiz, Jun 23, 2006
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  2. mikwiz

    HDRDTD Guest

    Sorry, but I myself can't help you with your current printer, however.... A
    couple of things to consider.

    When Dell (or any other manufacturer) labels their systems as 'Windows Vista
    Capable', it doesn't neccessarily mean Vista Beta 2 Compatable.
    HP has already stated that by the time Vista ships, it will have proper
    drivers for all their printers.

    Vista right now is a Beta, some expect some things to work and don't be
    surprised if some parts don't.

    The best thing you can do in addition it asking on these newsgroups, is to
    use the 'feedback' icon that should be on your desktop to file reports to
    Microsoft each and every time you encounter a problem. The more reports we
    file with Microsoft, the more they will become aware of the various problems
    the users are running into on their particuler combination of
    hardware/sofware. That will aid Microsoft immensly in tracking down as many
    bugs as they can find.

    I also have issues with printers (happen to be HP printers attached to a
    network) where I can set up the printer just fine, I can open the printer,
    see all the properties, but cannot print to it. It just comes back
    immediatly with a 'test page failed to print' message.

    It acts (as someone else pointed out) as if the printer connection is
    'read-only'. go figure.

    Some drivers/applications need to be installed with administrator privilages
    which sometimes means right-clicking on the program and choosing 'run as

    I have also seen many messages about people that have various problems with
    wireless networks. My networks are all wired, so I haven't had the joy yet
    of Vista on a wireless network.

    Has Dell added any Vista forums to it's own Dell support site? You might
    want to explore questions/answers there as well as here.

    hang in there..

    Let the adventure continue..
    HDRDTD, Jun 23, 2006
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