help - can't see my old emails in my WinMail inbox!!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by alstemp, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. alstemp

    alstemp Guest

    hi there

    Up until yesterday lunchtime my email inbox on Windows Mail (I have Vista)
    showed my old emails as well as my new mails. then suddenly all my old
    emails disappeared and I can only see new emails from yesterday lunchtime!!

    Help!! my emails have vanished - how do I get them back?

    I use AOL - when I check my AOL via webmail i can still see the old emails
    so know they exist. so why have they disappeard from Windows Mail?

    I have several folders set up on my AOL Windows Mail accont so don't want to
    have to set up a new windows mail account as I will lose allmy folders. And
    my account settings are set to "view all mail".

    even wehn I press "send & receive" none of my old inbox emails are being
    shown up.

    thanks regards
    alstemp, Nov 10, 2009
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  2. Go to View | Current View | Show all messages while in that folder.

    Steve Cochran, Nov 10, 2009
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  3. alstemp

    slk759 Guest

    She states that she has that set . . . .

    slk759, Nov 10, 2009
  4. She said "my account settings are set to "view all mail"."
    First of all, it's not an account setting, it is a folder setting that has to
    be set individually for every folder.
    Secondly, that setting doesn't say "view all mail".
    Gary VanderMolen, Nov 11, 2009
  5. She can download the messages off the server again if she sets up a new copy
    of the account and then downloads from that. Once done, she can delete that
    copy of the account. Otherwise, she can try searching for *.eml and see if
    the messages can be located that way.

    Steve Cochran, Nov 11, 2009
  6. alstemp

    slk759 Guest

    Just reading between the lines . . . . . From what she posted I surmised
    she's noted in her accounts' settings that they are checked to "include when
    receive or sync", and, since "Show all messages" is on the "View" menu item,
    I felt she made her point . . . . . just didn't think y'all picked up on it
    in her post (i.e. speed-reading). Not every "general" PC user is precisely
    "PC" when it comes to talking the talk . . . . .
    slk759, Nov 11, 2009
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