Help Help Help !! Uninstalling Vista, Installing XP and Fixing My

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Gazzy, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. Gazzy

    Gazzy Guest

    Hello there!

    All i wanted to do was get a new look windows, and i like shiney things how
    could i resist the chance to install Windows Vista, yeah yeah so its just a
    RC but .. im a foolish student, and all i use my pc for is to play music and
    store pictures and chat on msn... So if it doesn work never mind! And guess
    lol.. yep, Its rubbish, Now its probably just my patheticly pooey PC but as
    soon as i installed it i hit problems, Windowsexplorer wouldnt open, and just
    crashed on startup. All my drivers were copletely muddled up and to make it
    even better it took about 100 years to open anything!!
    Eventually Windows eplorer worked, but then my pc got evvveeeeeen
    slllloooowwwweeerrrrrr !!
    Now all i want to do is remove it! I like windows xp !!! lol
    So.... i read threw the threads and find that i have to back up my data, not
    a problem only want to save my pictures and music, so i try to burn it to dvd
    and.. it takes 2 days !!! Yes 2 days !! Finally i have done it and its all on
    a dvd, so ..
    I go to boot up windows Xp instillation disk in the BIOS and.. My pc starts
    and then as it gets to the bit where you choose"boot my instillatiion thingy
    magigy" and my screen comes up with "Input Not Supported" ..


    What do i do now !! .. i cant re-install windows! ..

    Please please please can some clever person out there help and give me an
    idot student guide to getting my Xp back on !! ..All i wanted was it to be
    all shiney .. oh well .. Maybee i should just get a mac ! lol ..

    Thank you nice people !!!

    Gazzy, Sep 17, 2006
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  2. Gazzy

    Pencilcheck Guest

    That's easy. Try to reformat your HD by using the OS you got working.
    Pencilcheck, Sep 17, 2006
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