help-husband lost microsoft works...

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Tracy, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Tracy

    Tracy Guest

    i got a call from my husband while at work today-he thinks he had deleted
    microsoft works and could i find it when i get home and make it work
    again....well, i don't know what he did but i can't find it anywhere. any
    suggestions on how to find it and make it work again?
    i have looked in recovery, recycle, documents, controll panell, system
    information....i just haven't looked where it is hiding. thank you!
    Tracy, Aug 18, 2007
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  2. If he really did delete it isn't hiding, it is removed. So reinstall
    it. You could try a restore point to see if it brings the system back
    to how it was before he did whatever he did. Doesn't always work for
    applications but won't hurt to try.

    Hope you got backups of data files.

    If you think it wasn't deleted, just moved you could try doing an
    advance search using: .exe. That will find every executables on your
    system regardless where it is. Bring up the advance search window
    under location change to everywhere and search all drives.
    Adam Albright, Aug 18, 2007
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  3. Tracy

    Daniel Guest

    how did he delete it, if he does not know he probably dragged the folder
    into another one, search for the folder in "search" and put it back where it

    To find out where it belongs and the name of the folder it is in, go to the
    short cut or start menu item, right click on it and select "properties"
    select the "shortcut" tab and see where the folder is supposed to be and
    what it is called.

    If there is no start menu item then he could have dragged that into the
    programs around it, if there is also no shortcut on the desk top then he has
    probably deleted it in Add/Remove programs.


    Daniel, Aug 18, 2007
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