help needed in re-designing the mux ndis sample

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by Danni Friedland, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    i'm new to driver developement,
    i want to build a MUX LBFO driver, which will allow me to make use of all
    my network cards(wireless+ethernet) by connecting each one of them to a
    diffrent network
    and being able to expose from n diffrent network cards(each one connected
    to other network) one virtual adapter which will act somewhat like a
    raid-0 for those networks.

    I would like some help in this areas( if possible):
    *first of all, is that even possible?
    *i've began learning the NDIS Mux sample provided with the ddk, is that
    the best choise?
    *is there some place where all of the loading order of the NDIS
    intermediate driver explained?
    from what i know by now is that the NDIS intermediate driver exposes on
    the top an virtual driver, and on the buttom part an protocol.
    but still, i'm wondering what function gets called when?
    all i got is that the DriverEntery gets called first, but then what?
    what NDIS functions gets called when?
    *if some one could give me a hint of what areas should be changed?

    Sorry for my english, i'm not from the USA.

    Thanks in advance.
    Danni Friedland, Aug 2, 2009
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