Help regarding continuing rebooting of desktop. Research control

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Micky, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. Micky

    Micky Guest

    Hi all, Im running Windows Vista Business (Finnish), and everytime I close a
    folder window, for example, when ive looked in my photo folder, and then
    close it, the following small warning windows pop up, and stop me from doing
    anything for a short period, then reset my desktop, losing any open windows I
    happen to have.

    First warning window that appears is this one....


    Then this window shows for a little time...


    I have updated windows, and everything is as it should be. Im not sure if
    there is a setting I can change somewhere to stop this from happening.?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated on solving this problem. If you don't
    understand Finnish, I would still appreciate any help or advice from anyone
    who has seen similar warning windows on their version of OS.

    Thanks in advance.


    I believe the above translates from Finnish to....

    First one says...

    Windows reseach control stopped working, Windows collects information, this
    will take a few minutes.

    Second one says...

    Research control rebooting.
    Micky, Dec 8, 2007
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  2. This is a Windows Explorer has stopped working error message.

    I am going to quote Rick Rogers [MVP] on possible causes for Explorer
    Explorer doesn't just crash without reason, it does so because something is
    interfering with the process. It could be antivirus software, it could be
    malware (you may not be as clean as you think), or some other process. You
    might also check installed plugins for IE, as IE and Explorer share several
    modules and bad addons can interfere with explorer. Disabling them from
    loading may help.
    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin], Dec 8, 2007
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  3. Micky

    Malke Guest

    Thanks for the translation because sadly (for me!) I don't speak
    Finnish. I think the "Research Control" is a red herring and that's just
    Vista trying to check for solutions and failing. When you say "I have
    updated windows, and everything is as it should be" that doesn't really
    tell me anything and we don't know anything about your computer
    (desktop? laptop? came w/Vista preinstalled? You upgraded or
    clean-installed it yourself? age of computer? etc.) so here are some
    general suggestions. Of course you will only do one thing at a time and
    test after making each change.

    1. First try updating your drivers. See below for general drivers

    2. If the drivers are already correct, then do a clean-boot to make sure
    the problem isn't being caused by something running in the background.

    How to perform a clean boot in Vista and XP -

    3. Look in Event Viewer for clues. MS TechNet link on how to run Event
    Viewer -

    4. If none of the above helps, do hardware troubleshooting.

    Drivers - The First Law of Driver Updates is "if it ain't broke, don't
    fix it". Normally if everything is working you want to leave things as
    they are. The exception is that heavy-duty gamers will usually want to
    update their video and sound drivers to squeeze every last bit of
    performance out of the hardware to get the fastest frame rates. If
    you're not one of those people, you don't need to update your drivers if
    there are no problems you are trying to solve.

    Never get drivers from Windows Update. Get them from:

    1. The device mftr.'s website; OR
    2. The motherboard mftr.'s website if hardware is onboard; OR
    3. The OEM's website for your specific machine if you have an OEM
    computer (HP, Dell, Sony, etc.).

    Read the installation instructions on the website where you get the drivers.

    To find out what hardware is in your computer:

    1. Read any documentation you got when you bought the computer.
    2. If the computer is OEM, go to the OEM's website for your specific
    model machine and look at the specs (you'll be there to get the drivers
    3. Download, install and run a free system inventory program like Belarc
    Advisor or System Information for Windows. - Belarc Advisor - System Information for Windows

    If you have installed drivers from Windows Update, you can roll them back:

    Roll Back Troublesome Device Drivers in Windows Vista from the How-To
    Geek -

    Malke, Dec 8, 2007
  4. Micky

    Micky Guest

    Thanks Costa, and Malke.

    I am currently obtaining the required, requested information for you. All I
    know at the moment, is my Acer Aspire laptop used to have XP installed, and
    the previous owner upgraded to Vista. My laptop is less than a year old.

    Update.... All seems to be fine now, done several virus scans, including
    online scans, although I dont know exactly what had caused the problem, I do
    know it was either a Codec, or Google addon.

    Will update again soon.

    Thanks again

    Micky, Dec 9, 2007
  5. Micky

    Malke Guest

    Micky wrote:
    Thanks Costa, and Malke.
    Thanks for posting back, Micky. Hopefully everything will be good for
    you now.

    Malke, Dec 9, 2007
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