Help. Toshiba Equium L40 series !!!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by 19adrianmac88, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone, i am having major problems with my laptop. It's a Toshiba
    Equium L40-17M, Vista home premium 32bit.

    First of all, when i turn it on it goes into a black screen and white
    writing says: "checking file system on C:" so i let it run, but it keeps
    popping up over and over again, once it did it like 20 times but never
    loaded. So i pressed any button and it stopped and i tried to load up my
    computer but it doesn't load properly, so i fight with it and when it
    loads up (after about 15 blood sweat and tears minutes) nothing internet, nothing.

    So...i opened up my User's manual and turned off computer, turned back
    on...pressed F12 chose the cd/dvd is loading files. The
    Recover Utility screen comes up, i press English, and then press next,
    it says English (windows vista) so i press next again and a pop up says
    a warning about all memory being erazed so i press OK and two windows
    come up. 1) X: windows\system32\cmd.exe Says- Try to remove all letters
    from potential partitions on HDD 0 ...
    2) Administrator: X: windows\system32\cmd.exe Says: Waiting for ODD to
    become availiable
    ODD drive E: ready
    Check for medium in drive E: ...
    Continue ...
    Failed to initialize the RAID class.
    No RAID - Continue normally ...
    X:\windows\system32> (and this bit it expects me to write something in
    here but i have no idea what :?)

    SOOOOO....i turn computer off and on again and press F8.

    I press on 'repair computer' then it says 'windows is loading'

    The System recovery options comes up, i select my keyboard layout as
    United Kingdom (the select language option is English (United States)
    and i cannot change this) i click next.

    I then login with my username and password and then a list of things
    pop up in a window.

    1) Startup Repair
    2) System Restore
    3) Windows Complete PC Restore
    4) Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
    5) Command Prompt
    6) Restoring The Complete Windows Operating System.

    And this is what happens:

    1) Doesn't work, just keeps going on and on for hours (ended up giving
    up after about 10 hours)

    2) It explains what System Restore is all about, i click next and i
    click the restore point and then click next again and i confirm the disk
    i would like to restore then next again and then a pop up says: "The
    disk Vista (C:) has errors" so i click the 'check the disk for errors'
    and it crashes so i have to turn off the computer again.

    3) Needs a back-up disk (i have my Toshiba Product Recovery disk????
    but still doesn't work)

    4) The Windows Diagnostic Tool runs fine, but doesn't pick up on any
    errors. (when clearly there is!!!!)

    5) Command Prompt ?????? I have no clue what to do with that!!!!

    6) Restoring The Complete Windows Operating System does

    SOOOOO...if any body out there has any suggestions then please feel
    free to reply, because i am so annoyed with this i am about to fling my
    laptop out the window.

    I don't care if i loose all my memory but this laptop cost me £500
    (basically $1000) and i don't want it to be broken as i can't afford a
    new one :(

    HOW DO YOU FORMAT THE HARD DRIVES? (C:) especially...

    Much appriciated!

    19adrianmac88, Jan 12, 2009
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  2. 19adrianmac88

    David B. Guest

    First thing to do is make sure the hard drive isn't failing, determine the
    mfg of the drive and download and run their diagnostic utility, you will
    obviously have to do this from another computer, the download will let you
    create a bootable CD or floppy to test the hard drive. Until you determine
    if the drive is good or not you may wasting your time trying to fix your
    David B., Jan 12, 2009
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  3. 19adrianmac88

    saz6279 Guest

    i had the same prob my product recovery disc was faulty toshiba refused to
    give me a new one said i had to pay for a new one i took it to a local game
    shop that repairs disc cost me £3 and it worked must say though its the worst
    laptop ive ever had its always playing up mwouod not recomend toshiba
    saz6279, Jan 26, 2009
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