Help: What is the administrator password? What if I've never set i

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by john ha, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. john ha

    john ha Guest

    I have heard of the "administrator password" for a super-administrator.

    But I have never "set" the "administrator password" or "super admin

    I do, however, have a user account with admin privileges that I set a
    password to.

    Is that the same thing? Does my creating a user account with admin
    privileges and password make the password for the super-admin the same, or
    will the vista admin password still remain blank?

    I'm wondering if this is the case, if a hacker tried to break into my system
    to grab files, if I never set the administrator/super-admin password, does
    that mean there is none, and they just walk right in,

    or does it default to the password I have on my user account with admin

    Thank you again for your help!
    john ha, Mar 19, 2010
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  2. Hi
    There is No secret Super Admin, and No Secret password. What ever you
    created it there.
    To get more permission to deal with network aspect of the OS you have to
    configure the permission and security.
    Jack (MS, MVP-Networking).
    Jack [MVP-Networking], Mar 19, 2010
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  3. In Vista, the Administrator account is disabled by default in Normal mode.
    If you haven't enabled it, it can't be used.

    And in XP and higher (or was it W2K & higher...?), if an account has no
    password, including Administrator, it can only be used at the console, not
    for remote access. One could argue that having no password is therefore
    safer than having any password, no matter how long and complex, if the only
    danger is from remote users.
    Jeff Vandervoort, Mar 20, 2010
  4. john ha

    Name Guest

    There is no default admin password for local conections,But by defaul
    all local conections in VISTA are password protected and you can easil
    change that setings without any question asked in Contro
    panel\networkand sharing center
    Name, Mar 23, 2010
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