HELP! Wierd network behavior has ME stumped.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Jacques Schett, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. We recently purchased and setup two IDENTICAL notebook PC's running
    Windows Vista Home Premium. We configured wireless internet access and
    performed the latest Microsoft updates on both. Added Kaspersky
    Antivirus and updated the defs.

    Upon delivery, one unit works great, can connect to the wireless,
    access the internet and runs all applications.

    The other unit can run the apps and connect to the wireless but CANNOT
    access the internet (via DNS anyway.) Both get their IP settings from
    DHCP on the WAP.

    When I ping GOOGLE.COM I get an address and the rest times out.
    Pinging any other EXTERNAL address/name produces the same results. If
    I open a browser and type in the IP of Google, the page shows up!
    TraceRt and PathPing fail to produce results (all time out).

    I can do an NSLOOKUP just fine. I can telnet to an IP address but not
    a DNS address.

    Just tonight I connected to an FTP site and downloaded Firefox. That
    works! So this might be related to IE7 and a subsystem maybe?

    The firewalls on the machine (Windows and Kaspersky IS 7.0) are off
    for now.

    The Vista Diagnose & Repair utility is absolutely no help. Either i
    get "There are no errors with your network connection" or "There is a
    problem that Windows cannot diagnose. Please contact your
    administrator." Well, I AM the administrator and I can't figure out
    what's wrong!

    With Firefox working this is not a DNS issue. What could be stiffiling
    the ping and IE 7 name resolution? I'm still a newbie with Vista so
    any help is appreciated.

    Jacques Schett, Nov 27, 2007
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  2. One more note on this problem:
    We can ping internally and access other network appliances by name and
    IP. This appears to be restricted to accessing through the
    gateway/firewall (Cisco Pix 501 I believe).

    With all the other computers off except these two laptops and the
    printer I still was unable to get IE to connect to the internet.
    Firefox had no problem hitting any site via domain name.

    The Diagnose utility (in Internet Explorer) showed that the problem
    was an inability to contact the DNS server. The DNS server on this
    machine is exactly the same as on the sister laptop.

    I'm stumpt.
    Jacques Schett, Nov 27, 2007
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  3. Jacques Schett

    ato_zee Guest

    A good starting point would be Programs -> Accessories ->
    Command Prompt
    cd \
    To get to C:\
    ipconfig /all
    This will show what DNS servers each adapter on the respective
    PC's are using.
    In my case my ISP has DNS servers, AFAIK my local PC
    is not a DNS server, but for networking to work I have
    to enter a Gateway Address (route to the outside world),
    and my local router as the DNS server (even though it isn't)
    plus the usual subnet mask, passwords etc.
    I've found that things can go pear shaped if machines have
    more than one network adapter.
    ipconfig shows I have an Ethernet adapter with everyting
    shown, 15 parameters, plus two Tunnel adapters, one
    with 9 and one with 8 parameters, some of which are blank.
    It works, so I'm not worried about the fine detail, of the
    Tunnel Adapters.
    ato_zee, Nov 27, 2007
  4. What has me stumped is that this machine is configured the same way
    its sister machin is configured! They're the same model, purchased on
    the same day with the same version of the OS installed.

    I haven't tried this with a wired connection yet (i've heard of some
    issues with the wireless adapters having troubles but that was with
    any type of connection.)

    What I dont understand is, i can ping inside the LAN all day long. I
    can connect to resources by name all day long. But if I try to go
    outside i get butkas.

    I'm running LogMeIn as a remote agent so I can connect remotely. It
    works fine! I can connect to this laptop from outside the company just
    fine! But once connected, Internet Explorer cannot access the internet
    while Firefox (2.0.10) has absolutely NO problem!

    I cannot PING outside the LAN with an IP address or domain name!

    What could be causing this odd behavior? My only choice if I cannot
    fix this is to clone the other machine to this one and say the hell
    with it but I hate to give in and not ever know what got in the way!

    Jacques Schett, Nov 27, 2007
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