Help with acount access and permissions.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by projoe688, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. projoe688

    projoe688 Guest

    I asked this question previously and the thread turned into discussion about
    how to overcome someone else's admin password, which of course can't be done.
    However, these questions have not been addressed.

    On this one computer, several users play an internet game. I cannot get the
    program set up to run for all users and allow changes in data files
    accociated with the program. I have tried various permission and security
    settings for all accounts. I have deleted and reinstalled the program to try
    to start over on permissions. I had it working on one user account but not
    the main one, then made another change to permissions and now it doesn't work
    on the one account and I can't wven get back to the point where it was usable
    but didn't update the data files each time.

    So... First is there a way to return to the original or default permissions
    and security settings.

    Second...How do I get a program to run on all acounts and be able to modify
    data files equally.

    At this point the regular user account will run the program but requires a
    admin password to do so. Is there a way to bypass the neccesity of inputing
    an admin password each time?

    Is there a way to set a program as identified and approved to run so that it
    will do so each time without prompting for "unidentified" program?

    Is it possible to make permissions and accounts easier to work through and
    get the same results versus having so many different ways and things on so
    many differnt pages to control? Such as a single page or a permissions help
    tool that asks specific questions about what you are trying to accomplish in
    plain English (or another language as appropriate) so that the definitions of
    "persmissions", "inherited", "shared", "as admin", "full control" "execute"
    "write" etc etc would not necesarily have to be fully understood in order
    accomplish the objective on having multiple users have access to programs and
    information with out having to take 6 mths of classes in order to be able to
    do it all?

    I understand the necesity for security. I can see how this will help protect
    my kids in many ways. I like the ideas. I am having problem understanding how
    to accomplish what I am trying to do.

    Can anyone help?
    projoe688, Aug 21, 2007
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