Help with HID Parsing functions

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by Tom U., Oct 7, 2004.

  1. Tom U.

    Tom U. Guest

    I am developing manufacturer specific HID devices. I have written the
    device's firmware and can connect and communicate with an application without
    using the HID parsing routiines. There are several input (8) and several
    output (7) reports.

    I am now expanding the PC software to use the HID parsing functions to allow
    the software to easily adapt to different versions of the device software.
    For most of the output reports I can call HidP_InitializeReportForID without
    any errors. For a couple output reports this function returns with an error
    indicating that the report does not exist. However, I am then able to use
    the other parsing functions to set the data in the report.

    Does anyone know why this function may be returning an error? Any help or
    items to double check in the device would be greatly appreacited
    Tom U., Oct 7, 2004
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  2. Tom U.

    Ray Trent Guest

    What are the reports (keyboard and mouse reports can be funky because
    the OS opens them exclusively)? Are the all in the same top-level
    Ray Trent, Oct 7, 2004
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  3. Tom U.

    Tom U. Guest

    Yes, the reports are all in the same top-level collection. The reports are
    currently located in usage page 0x91 (Arcade devices).
    Tom U., Oct 8, 2004
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