HELP! WSUS2-SP1 Win2003/SQL2005 How to Get to WSUS3-SP2/Win2008/SQL2008

Discussion in 'Update Services' started by staces65, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. staces65

    staces65 Guest


    My employer is running WSUS2.0 and I've been tasked with upgrading this to WSUS3. I'd like to achive the following if at all possible.

    End up with WSUS3-SP2 running on Windows 2008-R2 with SQL Express 2008-R2
    Ensure I keep my Existing Approval List

    So, After doing some reading of the Deplyment Guides, I realised that I would have to install a nice new server with WSUS2 (then inplace upgrade this to WSUS3-SP1) to keep my approvals list (have approx 4000 Workstations in the company).

    However, has anyone been able to install WSUS2 onto Windows 2008-R2, SQL 2008-R2 then run the WSUS3 upgrade?

    Just looking for a bullet point idea of how I get there without having to build 3-4 servers as tempary jump points?

    Many Thanks
    staces65, Jan 20, 2011
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