Help:XP HCT11.2 NDIS WHQLConfigCheck.wsf different PCI bus Failed

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by sorbica, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. sorbica

    sorbica Guest


    I am doing the HCT11.2 on XP SP1. I have being encountering a weird
    problem on WHQLConfigCheck.wsf item. I have two NIC Adapters plugged
    on the slots of two different PCI Buses. From Device Manager,I
    observed the two NICs are on PCI Bus number 2 and 4. Even in Windows
    Registry, I observed the same information of their PCI Bus numbers.
    But in HCT 11.2, I got the following resutls:

    My Computer: DELL Precision 530, 2 Xeon 2.8G processors, IDE HardDisk
    HCT Item: WHQLConfigCheck.wsf

    Variation #11 Check bus location of Adapters
    Test Adapter Bus#: 0
    Support Adapter Bus#: 0
    FAILED:[21850] Test Adapter and Local Support Adapter must reside on
    different PCI bus'

    I want to know why HCT 11.2 have got the NICs' PCI Bus information
    like that to fail my tests. How should I do to make it get the correct
    PCI bus infomation.

    Anyone who knows about this problem, please shed me the light to fix

    sorbica, Aug 26, 2004
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  2. WHQLConfigCheck gets the bus information using the Setup API calls
    (LOCATION_INFORMATION). Its possible that for some reason the API failed, in
    which case NDISTest assumes it is bus 0. If you increase the logging level
    in the Ndtest UI (Options->Debug Output->"NdTest, NdInfo, NdtCommBC" to
    Loud), the UI would print on the debugger if it had any errors, etc. You
    would need to close and reopen the UI since this information is collected
    during loading.

    Also, fyi, if the device manager/registry contained "PCI bus 2, device 5,
    function 0", ndistest uses 2 as the bus number.

    Mitesh Desai [MSFT], Aug 27, 2004
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