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Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Puppy Breath, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Puppy Breath

    Puppy Breath Guest

    Another member brought up the notion of why different types of users
    (casual/power/professional) might want to upgrade to Vista. As I play around
    with this, I can't help but see it aimed squarely at the home user. I mean,
    Photo Gallery, Media Player, Media Center, DVDMaker, parental controls, etc.
    aren't exactly the kinds of things you need (or even want) in a "typical"
    corporate environment where people are supposed to be working.

    So the question is, will the business communitly totally reject it on the
    grounds that the (potentially steep) cost of implementing it isn't
    justified. What effect will that have in overall adoption? I'll stick my
    neck out and make a prediction. I predict this will be a 2007-2010 product
    in the sense that the Vista way of doing things won't be "mainstream" until

    Flame me.
    Puppy Breath, Apr 28, 2006
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  2. You work in a very dull corporate environment. Almost Dickensian. Not
    everyone processes insurance claims.

    I would expect any sensible company to evaluate it according to their
    needs and integrate it as those needs dictate. Not many complex products
    are available in older models for more than a year-or-two, so Microsoft
    generally allows a longer upgrade cycle than others.

    There are plenty of businesses out there who have no idea how to use a
    spreadsheet more advanced than the Lotus 1-2-3 I first used 20 years
    ago. I don't expect them to be more alive to the opportunities of
    educating their workforces in 2010 than they might be now.
    Mike Williams, Apr 28, 2006
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  3. Depends on what kind of businesses....

    China is most likely to ditch MS all the way and concentrate on Linux, and
    that country has 2 billion of people and is the fastest growing economy
    of the world.

    I bet that will shift things around.... wouldn't you say?
    John Jay Smith, Apr 28, 2006
  4. Puppy Breath

    Workshop Guest

    No, they will love it - especially the corporate version. It has a lot of
    cool features big places will think of as efficent and convenient.
    Workshop, Apr 28, 2006
  5. Puppy Breath

    Workshop Guest

    Un-frickin-likely! The Chinese will want Windows Vista as much or more than
    anyone else, save maybe the Japanese who are gadget crazy. Why do you think
    when China's President toured the USA, his first stop was Microsoft? To
    install Linux on his laptop? Not likely.

    And while they are at it in China, Microsoft will be promoting Windows in

    I think this is a good thing. Microsoft has gone a long way to opening its
    system. I'm thinking of .NET and C#. You can write just about anything with
    this stuff .. yet Microsoft has opened C# etc. to standards organizations
    (ECMA) so one could conceivably develop C# programs on, say, a FreeBSD box.
    The future looks bright.
    Workshop, Apr 28, 2006
  6. Puppy,

    You gotta realize, the multimedia features you mentioned is just one aspect
    of Windows Vista. Also, Windows Vista will be available in various editions.

    Windows Vista Business will not include things like Media Center for sure,
    but I can see a Photographer, Printshop taking advantage of Photo Gallery
    for managing photo libraries of customer photos. Media Player to listen
    music, who does listen to music at work??? DVD Maker, back up large amounts
    of data. Parental controls, well, if you are running either Vista Ultimate
    or Business next year, its possible you could be a mobile user who carries
    your laptop around, and its used by your kids at home.

    Additional features for businesses included in the Enterprise Edition are
    Virtual PC Express, Bitlocker Drive Encryption, world wide interface
    languages, subsystem for UNIX applications.

    So, there are many business features just as there are home/multimedia
    Windows Connected |
    Extended64 |
    Blog |
    Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Apr 28, 2006
  7. This reminds me of Gulliver's travels, where the little men
    find the giant lying on the shore and pin him down with ropes.....
    John Jay Smith, Apr 28, 2006
  8. Anyone remember Dan Bricklins spreadsheet?

    Lawrence E. Oliver, Apr 28, 2006
  9. I don't think I ever used VisiCalc - I might have seen it running on
    some machines. Met Bon Frankston a few years ago, who worked with
    Bricklin on VisiCalc. I just realised that it's 20 yrs (and 3 months)
    since I first worked with a spreadsheet ... whooo boy... I have a long
    running joke with an old friend who was a very highly paid bond trader
    and who called me up to ask how to widen the columns on a spreadsheet.
    "Drag 'em" I told her.
    Mike Williams, Apr 28, 2006
  10. Puppy Breath

    Ed Dixon Guest

    Maybe it's just me, but I haven't found anything useful here at all. All
    the new things it claims I have already been using for some years in other
    versions of Windows.

    I have 25,000 pictures on the PC now. About 25 GB of music. I have had
    live CNN in a window since Windows 98. DVD writing has been around for
    years, and most new PCs are already sold with it installed.

    I think Vista is a hard sell in anything like it's current form.

    Ed Dixon, Apr 28, 2006
  11. It will depend on new applications written to the new capabilities of
    the O/S. That will take time to attract the upgraders.

    For those purchasing new PCs though, they'll get all of that out of the
    box (assuming it all works as planned).
    Mike Williams, Apr 28, 2006
  12. Puppy Breath

    mamamia Guest

    <tests industrial flame thrower...>

    mamamia, Apr 28, 2006
  13. Puppy Breath

    Puppy Breath Guest

    Puppy turns to pile of ashes.

    Puppy Breath, Apr 29, 2006
  14. hot dog
    Mike Williams, Apr 29, 2006
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